New Study Says Taking A Walk To Exercise With Dirty Air Is Not Worth It


New research has shown that exercising your legs by consistent walking can elongate your lifespan and revamp the health in your heart, with a legion of other health benefits. You may think walking is very simple, and you are correct, but apart from leisure purposes, walking is among the most useful health exercises you should infuse into your body and life.

But take note that the environments and places where you take your walk matters, says a new study which was published recently in one newspaper. For instance, when you choose a badly besmirch street to do your daily strolling, all the health advantages, and favors that you should enjoy through walking will be scraped out, researchers warn.

A group of researchers employed 119 participants who were above 60-years of age. Out of them all, 40 were healthy and agile; another 40 suffered from an inflammatory disease of the lung; the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other 39 participants had ischemic heart disease, which is brought about by a tightening of the arteries.

As part of the exercise, instructions were given to some of the people to take their walk for two hours per day on the London’s Oxford Street, an urban expressway that was jampacked by heavy traffick which consisted buses and cars, while the remaining participants used the similar duration of time to stroll through a serene section of the city’s Hyde Park. Then, about three to eight weeks after, the groups exchanged routes. After each exercise on individual routes, the researchers calculated the level of pollutant concentrations resident in each environment, in addition to a number of health pointers in the participants, such as coughing, the capacity of the lungs, breathlessness, arterial stiffness (which is similar for high blood pressure) and wheezing.

Later on, the walkthrough Hyde Park saw the healthy category of the participants noticing remarkable changes in the capacity of their lungs and arterial stiffness. Contrary to this result, it was shown that after they took a walk along Oxford Street and inhaling a huge amount of airborne pollutants, people noticed just slight improvements in the capacity of the lung and a case of corroding arterial stiffness was recorded, which may mean that the quality of air has damaged most of the health benefits embedded in walking. This information was based on the paper’s release.

Furthermore, persons suffering from COPD and those suffering from heart disease faced the same challenges. Both went through minor improvements in the capacity of the lung after they took their walks in the two directions. But people who had COPD expressed more respiratory problems, which included wheezing, insufficient intake of breath and coughing after they walked along Oxford Street, as well as more stillness of the arteries. Also, people who had heart problems experienced a tougher arterial stiffness after walking along the downtown area, except if they were making use of cardiovascular medications, which may possess some potential protective advantages.

The leader of the research team, Kian Fan Chung, who is also a professor of respiratory medicine at Imperial College London’s National Heart and Lung Institute warns the general public to ensure you steer clear of polluted environments whenever they are ready to do their routine exercise and recreational activities, especially when walking.

The researchers have suggested that if a stationary regulatory group is absent, it won’t be possible to finalize on the fact that walking was exactly the main cause of the physical alterations which was discovered in the study.

In addition, these other four privileges from constant walking will keep you going all day long.

  1. Walking exercise will boost your mood.

Taking a walk is a good way to burn calories, says Melina Jampolis, MD, and author of many medical books. She said walking helps to shed belly fat, prevent heart disease, and cures diabetes.

  1. It will open the gate to your creativity skill.

Research has shown that going mobile while suffering from the creative block will release the creative abilities in you, Jampolis revealed.

  1. Your jeans size will fit better.

Jampolis continued that walking will make your jeans fit more and move freely around your waist. This is because your body will begin to respond to insulin which reduces belly fat. All these when you walk constantly.

  1. Your risk of getting acute diseases will be minimized immensely.

According to The American Diabetes Association, walking lessens your blood sugar rates and your total danger of getting diabetes. To buttress this point, researchers at the University of Boulder Colorado and the University of Tennessee also discovered that walking reduces blood pressure by 11 points and it will likely cut down the danger of stroke by 20% to 40%.

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