Not All Veggies Are Weight Loss-Friendly; What To Watch Out For And Why


Cutting processed, sugary and carbs from your diet is the first step to go if you want to be healthier and if you want to lose weight. You might have thought that you got this as you have changed your eating habits to include more vegetables and less of the bad stuff. Unfortunately, your vegetable options might just be as fattening as your regular meals. Here are some veggies which you might already have made part of your lifestyle but are not really good for you:

Gluten Free Packaged Foods

Not everything gluten-free is diet friendly

People who are gluten intolerant have to drop barley, wheat and rye from their diet to keep themselves in optimal shape. Unfortunately, just because something has been processed, repackaged and sold as gluten-free does not mean that it is already good for you in all angles. Sometimes, even those foods which are sold as gluten free replace regular flour with cornstarch and brown rice flour, which are equally bad for you and actually have more calories.

This only means that you should not count on a product which claims to be gluten-free to be absolutely good for you. Whether or not you are gluten intolerant, you should try to eat as many whole foods as much as possible and avoid processed foods as much as you can.

Vegetable Chips

The thought of vegetable chips being just as readily available in the market as potato chips might have delighted a lot of weight watchers or vegetarians. Unfortunately, these are not as healthy as most people think. Vegetable chips are no less good for you than other chips are. Frying other vegetables other than potatoes can cause just as much harm.

If you have wondered how bad these are for you, one serving of sweet potato chips actually has more fat, calories and saturated fat than one average serving of regular potato chips. While other vegetarian chips might do the trick, do not assume that these are good for you just because the kind of potato used is different.

Vegetable Smoothies

A vegetable and a blender do not necessarily go together until somebody came up with the idea of adding veggies and turn it into a smoothie. Unfortunately, those things that they add to make these veggies easier to drink are also what keeps them from being as good as they are for you as they claim it to be. While they do contain fiber which can be good for you, you might end up with even higher calorie and sugar count than you would if you consumed a regular shake.

If you ever wondered how bad these are for you, a regular veggie shake at your favorite shake stall already has a devastating 420 calories and around 54 grams of sugar. This has just as many calories as three cans of Coke.

Veggie Meat

Veggie meat was heaven sent as weight watchers and vegans can now enjoy burgers, barbecue, sausages and other traditional forms of meat which they otherwise would not be able to enjoy. Unfortunately, these vegetarian alternatives can just be as bad for you as your regular dosages of meat if they are loaded with carbohydrate-rich fillers, cheese, ketchup and everything else.

Veggie meat is typically made from quinoa or tofu and while they can really be good for you, you can be canceling out their health benefits if you add too much of the bad stuff.

Watch what you put in your salads; they could be ruining your diet


When left with no other choice but to eat out, you might think that ordering a salad is the best way out of the situation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Salads, especially those from fast foods, are typically loaded with sugar and carbohydrate-filled dressing, candied nuts, croutons and cheese which can easily make it more fattening than a slice of pizza or a burger. Some comparative studies even show that in most fast food, the salads which they offer are not really the lightest options you can get from their menu.

Of course, you still get a lot of vitamins, nutrients and healthy fiber when vegetables are constantly included in your diet, but ordering these apparently healthy servings will not get your anywhere near your weight loss goals. This is why servings matter, regardless if you are getting fruit, nuts, yogurt or salads. What do you think of this list? Did it surprise you? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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