Obsessed with Pickles? This Fast Food Chain is Turning Them into a Dessert Drink


When it comes to the nation’s obsession over pickles, you probably thought that you had seen it all. Sadly, it turns out that when it comes to America’s favorite tangy, crunchy, salty condiment, we’ve barely scraped the surface.

One popular fast food chain in America called Sonic Drive-In is now taking the pickle obsession to a whole new level by introducing a new slushie flavor to the menu. Can you guess which one we’re talking about? Hint: It’s about to start a war between pickle-lovers and haters across the country.

Sonic Drive-In is popular for its creative line of beverages and shakes

Pickle Lovers Rejoice

Sonic prides itself as one of the best fast food chains in the U.S. and its creative menu has set it apart from the rest. The fast food giant is now taking its creativity up a notch by introducing a controversial flavor to its slushie line which customers will either love or hate.

Last Friday, Sonic announced that it will be adding pickle juice slush to its menu to welcome the summer, and pickle-lovers can pick up the drink from any of the 3500 Sonic locations around the country, starting in early June.

Sonic Drive-In is already popular for its creative, never-ending list of beverage options and servers on roller skates, now its about its expand its frozen drink list by adding a daring item to the menu: pickle juice.

Just when Americans thought that they had seen enough bizarre creations with pickles from deep-fried dills to pickle mozzarella sticks to pickle cupcakes to pickle pizza, they were surprised yet again to hear that the salty, tangy juice was about to be turned into a frozen dessert beverage at one of the fast food chains.

One of the 3500 Sonic Drive-In locations in U.S.

Hit or Miss?

Sonic is planning to debut their sickly green concoction as a part of their snow cone slushie line, according to a report by USA Today. You’re probably thinking that the bizarre creation with pickle juice is going to revolt the customers then you’ll be surprised at the positive reviews the fast food chain has received from the pickle-obsessed army that can’t wait to get their hands to the frog-colored briny drink.

One of the tester who has already tried the daring concoction says that new sonic slushie flavor is surprisingly delicious and tastes nothing like the savory, tangy pickle juice that you often find in a traditional pickle jar. In his review on Food & Wine, he wrote that the sweetness and the tanginess of the drink really complement each other and minimize the savoriness that you would expect from briny pickle juice. The review has definitely piqued our interest but we’ll still think twice before ordering the drink once it hits Sonic’s menu in June.

The Year of Slushies

But as creative as Sonic may be to create this strange slush flavor, it definitely isn’t the first to start the pickle juice trend. A dessert shop in Ohio and Pennsylvania called Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop became the pioneers of this creation after they introduced their very own pickle juice soda a year ago. Those who have tried the unique soda flavor describe the taste of it as slightly pickle-ish, but overall quite palatable. The unveiling of the controversial drink was announced on Grandpa Joe’s page in a post that said that the soda was going to be a ‘really big dill’ for pickle-lovers.

Dairy Queen is also bringing back its slushie line from the 90’s this June to compete against Sonic’s new drink

No one’s really sure if the pickle juice slushie is going to be a hit, but 2018 is undoubted the year of slushes and iced beverages with several fast food chains like Dairy Queen introducing their own line of icy treats to kick off the summer.

DQ has announced that it will be bringing back its traditional Misty Slush from the 90’s which comes in 5 different flavors: raspberry, grape, cherry strawberry and lime. The new line is also set to hit the chain in late June.

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