Celebrity IQs That Will Shock You!


Never judge a book by its cover because you’ll be surprised by its contents. Celebrities are stereotyped as people who are just all about looks. We often think celebrities give up their education to just make money off their physical skills or talents. But what we don’t know is that some celebrities actually have an IQ which can earn them high-payed corporate jobs! Doesn’t matter if they’re from an Ivy League University or any other academic institution, let’s take a look at the celebrities you can rather refer to as, “Celebrity Geniuses”.

Presidential IQ estimation is based on Dr. Simonton’s study, which measures their intellectual brilliance, personality traits, achievements and openness to experience.

Kesha at 140


At a very young age, Kesha became one of the hottest and most famous recording artists ever. People often judge her bizarre fashion or makeup choices and come up with a conclusion that she’s just all that. But what many people don’t know is that aside from being talented she was also blessed with some intellect. Kesha’s IQ is 140.

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