This Father Thought Of The Best Way To Convince Son To Brush His Teeth


Children can be easily persuaded, especially if it will involve their favorite toy or treat. However, parents cannot do it by themselves all the time, that is why they have to seek help from some of the most legendary mythical creatures. Just like this clever dad who went viral after sharing what he did so that his child would brush his teeth.


A father of three from England, Henry Warren, did an unusual but really creative way to actually his son brush his tooth. Turns out that his 8-year-old son, Sam, doesn’t really like taking care of his teeth.

Young Sam is losing cash because he has been paying up the tooth fairy for his really bad brushing habits. That is why a letter was sent to their house from none other than the tooth fairy himself, in the name of Barry T. Tooth Fairy. The letter includes a pound coin that says, “We will accept the Tooth on this occasion but we need your assurances that the condition of your next tooth will be significantly better or we will withhold payment.”

Apparently, there are traces of Fanta, cereal, as well as chocolate that was found on Sam’s tooth, and the Tooth Fairy is too far from being happy. He also recommends having a better brushing technique.

Henry Warren shared a couple of tweets regarding this and the world just thought about how incredibly clever it is. Some parents would simply get mad at their children for not brushing their teeth properly or if they simply refuse, kind of like making them learn the hard way. Most people think that this is literally “#DadGoals” because it is such a cool way to make your child take care of his or her teeth.


Warren’s post regarding his son’s encounter with the Tooth Fairy via snail mail has taken over the world with more than 14,000 retweets. That is why the Tooth Fairy himself, Barry couldn’t stop saying a few words regarding the letter, “Look, I’m getting painted as a petty bureaucrat for writing this note, but I’ll admit it might have been a bit strongly worded, but you have to understand the conditions we Tooth Fairies have to work in. It would give anyone a headache.”


One of the most popular toothpaste brands in the world, Colgate, even posted some tips for kids on their official websites. Apparently, these dental hygiene habits could make the tooth fairy really happy.

• Brush your teeth two to three times a day

Germs and bacteria that grow inside the mouth are the Tooth Fairy’s arch nemesis because they basically destroy children’s teeth and out cavities in them. That is why the Tooth Fairy totally loves children who brush their teeth two to three times a day, especially after getting a treat.

• Don’t forget to floss

You know that brushing alone wouldn’t remove all the germs that are left on the teeth, hence there is such thing as flossing.

• Visit your dentist every 6 months

The dentists are considered to be the Tooth Fairy’s assistants because they are the ones who are making sure that the children’s teeth are properly taking care of at all times. It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that their children’s teeth are doing well.

• Make brushing a fun habit

Children might have a bad experience when it comes brushing their teeth, that is why parents should think of creative ways to make brushing a fun habit for their kids. Just like what this father did to his son and got some help from the Tooth Fairy.

During Christmas, parents get help from Santa Clause and his Elf on the Shelf, sometimes from Jack Frost too since it is winter. During Easter, parents get help from the Easter Bunny, but whenever your child is at their age where they are starting to lose teeth, there is only one mythical creature to turn to, and that is the tooth fairy. If you are having the same problems as this creative dad right here, try doing what he did and ask some help from the tooth fairy, after all, that’s exactly what they’re for.

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