Relieve Your Negative Emotions with this 12-Minute Practice


Emotions, whether negative or positive, have a powerful impact on your mental and physical wellbeing and one of the best way to release tension from strong, negative feelings is through a practice called purge emotional writing which involves putting your thoughts and troubles on a paper and burning it afterwards as a way of unburdening yourself from any heavy emotions and letting go of feeling that are affecting you negatively.

Purge emotional writing is the practice of putting your negative thoughts on a paper and setting it on fire to get rid of bad energy

Purge Emotional Writing

Performing this exercise every day helps you get rid of bad energy regularly so that it doesn’t accumulate, which is why many experts practice it in their daily routine. As the name suggests, this form of writing involves very little thinking or attention to detail, and all you need to do is to put whatever comes to your mind on the paper so that you don’t carry your emotions into your next experience.

Don’t mind your handwriting, punctuations or any grammar mistakes when performing this exercise. Simply keep your pen in contact with the paper and let your emotions roll out naturally. Since no one is going to read what you’ve written, don’t stress too much about being impolite or unfair. This is about making you feel better so it doesn’t matter what other people will think about it even if they do read it.

To perform this exercise, take a pen and notebook and find a quiet corner where you can give all your attention to this task without being disturbed. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 12 minutes to finish it so set your time and get started.

Things to Remember

If there’s something in particular that is disturbing your peace such as work, money or relationships, start writing about it and put your pen down when the timer goes off. As soon as 12 minutes are up, take the pages to a secure, nonflammable area like a fireplace, barbeque or concrete driveway set them on fire. Burning negative emotions is one of the best ways to neutralize the energy inside you and it signifies letting go of troubling thoughts, cleansing your soul to restore inner peace and start afresh.

One of the things to remember when doing this activity is to not read anything that you have written since you’ll only be reinfecting your mind with the same negative emotions that you want to rid yourself of. There’s no point of doing this on a computer or any other digital device since you’ll be missing out on the essential step of burning what you’ve written after completing the exercise.

Using the traditional pen-paper method is the best way to expel as much of your inner aggression as possible since the act requires more physical energy than typing on a keyboard. While the purpose of Purge Emotional Writing is to rid yourself of any negative emotions you are feeling, it is important to be mindful that any hurtful or powerful language that you use during this activity is not directed towards yourself.

Purge Emotional Writing is form of psychological therapy for good mental hygiene that works best when practiced regularly

A Good Psychological Practice

This practice works great when performed every day in the morning so that your rid yourself of any negative emotions and maintain mental clarity and good energy throughout the day. Think of this practice as a good mental hygiene just as your daily teeth-brushing and showering routine for physical hygiene.

When starting this practice, it is important to be wary of the range of emotions you’re going to experience and understand the source of emotional discomfort so that you’re more in control of your feelings. In a way, Purge Emotional Writing is a form of therapy which allows you to unleash your emotions on a paper without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Remember to follow the instructions thoroughly and make the exercise a part of your daily routine to reap its psychological benefits. As you continue with this practice every day, you’ll start noticing an emotional shift within you as the negative emotions disappear with each word you write on the paper. Like any other healthy habit, purge emotional writing works best when practiced regularly.