Science Confirms Five-Second Dropped Food Theory Is True


Scientists from Aston University in the UK presently claimed that food which is dropped on the floor is safe for consumption provided the actions needed are completed within five seconds. Anthony Hilton who is an expert germ professor has mentioned that the momentary lapse of dropping the food should not concern people, although the food was dropped and despite the risks still being present.

Do The Findings Sound Confusing?

The average individual may find the current statements being made by scientists rather perplexing. For numerous years, scientists have been claiming that any food dropped on the floor is unsafe for consumption, particularly if it is covered by dirt, which is visible.

They have also provided information on the various types of infections, which can spread because of contaminated food stuff. After propagating these theories over a number of year’s scientists presently looks forward to creating further confusion with the present claims.

The UK National Health Service [NHS] does not seem to hold a similar perspective as the scientists and could possibly claim differently to remain in line with the theories of the past.

Is the Five-Second Rule Spoken by Scientists Realistic?

The scientists who conducted the study have claimed that food which is dropped on the floor and picked up for consumption within five seconds is safe to eat. A mention has also been made on the nature of the floor surface along with the type of food, which has been dropped.

The length of time the food remains on the floor can have an impact on the number of germs, which can transfer to the food. The scientists also mentioned that immense opportunities existed for applying science and engineering when considering matters like these. Scientific studies are typically conducted in environments, which are safe and free from contamination of any kind. The individuals involved in conducting the studies are required to wear special gear and also to ensure any items related to the studies being conducted are liberated from contamination.

The average individual within his or her home or office lives in a world where contamination has become a part of life. Making an attempt to apply the five-second rule for any foodstuffs, which were dropped on the floor to be picked up and eaten is perhaps too much to ask.

In a hectic world where people do not have the time even to complete their daily activities according to schedule expecting them to utilize a stopwatch and start counting every second when they drop food to ascertain its safety for consumption would be tedious for most.

No information is available whether the germs lying on the surface where the food was dropped have a stopwatch or are even concerned with the theories developed by humans and are willing to wait for five seconds before making any plans to attack the dropped food has been mentioned by the scientists. They are just assuming germs on the floor will be adopting a similar logic to humans who are generally startled when they observe some products being dropped on the floor and only react after a few seconds.

Our Present-Day Scientists Looking Forward To Debunking Old Policies?

Scientists from the past had conducted numerous studies before they propagated the theory about not having food, which was dropped on the floor. Presently, scientists seem to be making an effort to debunk the theory of the past with their claims about the five-second rule. Scientists who were involved in this research are also required to provide answers to some of the questions, which have been mentioned below:

  • Assuming that the food has been dropped on a clean floor, can people believe it is free from contamination of any kind? 
  • Should people always carry a stopwatch just to ensure they can pick up any food, which is dropped within the five seconds mentioned? 
  • Is there any data to prove that germs will attack dropped foot stuff only after five seconds? 
  • Who are the individuals who can look forward to applying the five-second rule for themselves? This question is considering people of all ages and particularly children who may not have the presence of mind to pick up dropped food within five seconds and could possibly have no indication of the time the food was lying on the floor. 

Undoubtedly, the scientists would have considered a number of factors before subscribing to the five-second rule. However, in the conditions which are presently prevailing, one gets the feeling it would be far better for everyone to remain by the time-tested theories which were propagated by the scientists earlier to discard food, which may have been dropped to the floor without making any attempts to have it.

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