Scientists Are Looking Into FitBit To Help With Cancer


Living in a modern world definitely has its perks, because you’ll get to access almost every advanced technology there is on the market. Thirty years ago, these techs can only be seen in the movies and television, but most of them are now within reach. From smartphones that has face recognition locks to fitness trackers that could track the heart rate. Speaking of fitness trackers, it could now track not just the number of steps, the heart rate, the blood oxygen levels, the number of calories but it could now collect data that has something to do with cancer. It may be a little surprising but according to a new research, it is indeed possible.

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One of the leading brands when it comes to wearable technology nowadays is Fitbit. They are known for producing activity trackers and wireless wearable techs that are known for having the ability to count steps, heart rate, and even measure the quality of sleep of the person. Their very first and most popular product was the Fitbit tracker and researchers from all over the world managed to prove that this device has indeed helped when it comes to weight loss because it encourages people to move more since they could see their progress as well as track how they’re doing.

However, Fitbit turned out to be doing way more than producing these kinds of wearable techs, because those Fitbit trackers are actually being used by scientists and researchers to find a cure for cancer. It definitely plays a vital role in their research since it helps the experts understand how exactly working out and moving a lot can help people prevent or beat cancer and other diseases. It actually started in 2012 where scientists from all over the world managed to publish more than 400 studies with the help of data gathered by Fitbit. Some of them have something to do with how exactly exercise plays a role when it comes to having a better mental and physical health not only for those who have an illness just like cancer and diabetes but also to those who don’t.

According to experts, researchers actually believe that this is such a great tool to use for their researches since people actually use these wearable techs on a daily basis so the accuracy of their activities is incredibly helpful for them. Just like the most recent study by the University of California San Diego, wherein they tried to look into how exactly exercise could affect the brain of people who have managed to beat breast cancer, and they found out that the cognitive activity of the breast cancer survivors has indeed increased because of the physical activity. This is actually what the researchers from the University of Pittsburg are also looking at, they actually found that those cancer patients who tend to exercise more with their Fitbit step counter are most likely to get better after their surgery and have less chance some getting back to the hospital.

However, experts explained that Fitbit is definitely not a cure but then again, it is helping doctors and researchers learn more about how exactly do these Fitbit data would be able to help them gain more knowledge when it comes to recovering cancer patients and prevent cancer to go back.


Samsung has got to be one of the biggest tech companies in the world today, they are actually considered to be the number one competitor of Apple Inc, who are not just successful with their smartphones but are also successful when it comes to wearable technology just like their Apple Watch. Samsung also got their own but it couldn’t really compare to the Apple Watch, which is why tech experts weren’t surprised when there was a rumor that Samsung is in the talks with Fitbit.

According to the report, Fitbit is actually planning on releasing much better versions of their products, one of them is the ability of the device to detect if the wearer’s blood oxygen levels are abnormal, that way they could get themselves checked by their physicians earlier and it could literally save their lives since this may be a symptom of a chronic illness that they are totally unaware of or even early stages of cancer.

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This is where Samsung would come in since they are one of the biggest tech companies in the market today, they could easily buy Fitbit and use them for their own benefit. They could even enhance its features to become a better option for people, especially against the Apple Watch.

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