Kid Bodybuilder “Little Hercules” Is All Grown Up Now: Check Out What He’s Up To These Days!


Richard Sandrak got into bodybuilding at a very young age. He once got so much attention for being the strongest boy in the world and later was even dubbed as the “Little Hercules.” He apparently did a ton of sit-ups and pushups when he was younger, which eventually led to bench-pressing way more than his total body weight. He definitely grew up knowing the importance of health and fitness but have you ever wondered how is he doing these days? Here’s a rundown of the rollercoaster ride of events that happened to him growing up.

The Birth Of A Very Talented Boy

April 15, 1992, was the day that Richard Sandrak aka The Little Hercules was born in Ukraine. His parents were Pavel and Sandra Sandrak. His father was a champion in martial arts while his mother competed in aerobics. It seemed like being fit and strong really ran in his DNA and we doubt being lazy or binging on junk food was ever a thing in their household. It was only a matter of time before his parents showed him their ways.

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