Selfieccino: A New Innovation In Selfie Culture Emerges


The selfie has become an addiction for so many smartphone and Ipad users. Selfies are pictures we capture at any time, in any place and at any occasion. Whether in official or informal settings, the sound of the camera must click. Sometimes it becomes too much that even something as simple as a siesta must be recorded by the lens!

A cup of Selfieccino

At the moment, people are taking the culture of selfies to another level. They are now gulping down their own selfies as a beverage. And the act is called ‘selfieccino.’

Seflieccino is a new term in the selfie world. Maybe you have not heard it before, but if you are familiar with selfie and coffee, you would know cappuccino. So simply put, ‘selfieccino’ refers to a cappuccino brand of tea with a picture of your face embedded in it. It’s done with an icing and pastry coloring agent. Then finally, the finishing is done by Cino machine.

Seflieccino is a merged name of ‘selfie’ and ‘cappuccino.’

The reality is that this new trend is not a fallacy. Baristas have made this innovation realtime by bringing to the public a tasty non-alcohol beverage called “Selfieccino.” Baristas are based in a high-class coffee and tea shop in London.

The maxiccino makes it’s world debut at The Tea Terrace in London. #selfieccino

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Baristas do not adopt the traditional method of replacing espresso with alternative flavors. Instead, they impress people’s selfies straight into the surface of the foam through the use of a special mechanical tool.

On the official website of Baristas of The Tea Terrace, the owners posted a goodwill message to announce the new brand. Starting with ‘Welcome to the world of Selfieccino”, the message said that they are very glad and Baristas is honored to be the first restaurant and tea store in the whole of the United Kingdom and the entire European continent to create the unique blend of Selfie/Cappuccino.

Baristas have a body of a competent and dedicated team who are at the top of their game, the website reported.

The new advancement in the technology world is here with Baristas’sfrothy selfie imprinting’ device. Now to the awesome part. The price for selfieccino is just a paltry £5.75! However, it can only be purchased at their Oxford Street branch in London, and the first set was released on the 4th of December.

Taking selfie is fun, says Baristas, but having your selfie on your coffee is out of this world. According to the website, all you have to do is to capture your face or full body, then forward it to any staff at either The Tea Terrace Restaurant or Tea Room situated at the House of Fraser on Oxford Street, London. Wait for a while, and you will get a beautiful and tasty Selfieccino.

The best part is the chance the selfieccino customers have to select their preferences between a steaming chocolate and a delicious cappuccino as the background of their orders.

You might think that this technology will take hours or even days to accomplish, but don’t be surprised. It only takes 4 minutes. Here is how it works. You will download Baristas’ online subscribers feedback app to your device and send your desired selfie to them via the app. After that, Baristas will download your requested selfie type and placed it in their special ‘selfie’ machine called Cino. After placing your selfie in the Cino, it will burn it into your tea or coffee with a coloring ingredient that has no taste variant.

The advent of the social media has changed the way people enjoy their round-table mealtimes, says the CEO of The Tea Terrace, Ehab Salem. He added that people nowadays are becoming ‘Instagram’ conscious so giving them a heart-warming tea experience that is similar to a selfie is the best service that deserves to be offered.

The interesting part is that people have really embraced this invention. Over 600 selfieccinos have been purchased in just five days of introduction.

Indeed, people have been testifying to this outstanding service. They are sharing their individual ‘stylistic’ selfieccinos on all their social media platforms, especially ‘gramming’ it endlessly on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter your gender, whether you are male or female, selfieccino is just right for you. So whoever you are and no matter your obsession with selfies, get on board and let selfieccino redefine your world.