You Can Snack Your Way Into Weight Loss, But There’s A Catch


There have been various research as to ways to facilitate weight loss that doesn’t involve rigorous exercises, and guess what has just been discovered… snacks! Yes, snacking has been found to be capable of being a double-edged sword. When done right, snacking can cut down those extra fats by helping you to stay full between meals, reducing cravings, and make healthier food choices without having the feeling that you are being deprived of the good things in life. When overdone, however, well what’s that saying about too much of a good thing being bad?


Lara Felton, R.D. says “I find that people often make poor food choices because they get so hungry they just grab whatever is close and handy.” According to her, snacks can prevent you from going down that path by doing two things:

  • Prepare your snacks in advance
  • Choose snacks that have a balance of healthy fats, carbs, and protein

So when you are faced with it, you’ll be able to pass up on the office pastry instead opting to fill up on the dried fruit and baggie of nuts in your purse.

Snacking as a weight-loss technique has not been tried by just fitness experts, below are the tips real women who’ve lost weight via snacking had to give.

Keep the calories under 300

Christina R from Palm City, Florida, who shed 15 lbs in 6 months said “For me, it is so important to have grab-n-go snacks to keep from getting too hungry, which can trigger me to overeat. Having a snack or meal every three to four hours helps keep my metabolism up, as well. I try to keep each snack under 300 calories and make it a healthy combination of protein, fats, and carbs. My favorites are Greek yogurt, cashews, and popcorn; cottage cheese, almonds, and an apple; beef jerky, avocado, and crackers; or three hardboiled egg whites with hummus and some nuts.”

Junk food is not an alternative

Linda from Grand Rapids, Michigan, reportedly lost 15 pounds in a year iterated “I am a snacker. I graze all day, all the time, and when I’m hungry, I’m hungry right now. I also have one heck of a sweet tooth; candy, cake, and sweets are my weakness. So I’ve learned that when it comes to picking snacks, I can’t even have those in the house or that’s what I’ll eat. Instead, I make sure that I eat protein at every meal and snack. I eat a lot of protein! If I really need a sweet snack, I’ll indulge in a Nature Valley’s Oat and Honey granola bar with orange juice.”

Fill In The Nutritional Gaps With  Snacks

Leah W., Austin, Texas, who went down 100+ lbs in two years had the following to say: “Instead of eating traditional processed ‘snack’ foods like crackers or cereal, I try to make sure my snacks incorporate things I need in my day to round out my diet. For instance, I usually have a giant salad mid-afternoon, it’s kind of lunch part two. Around 5 p.m., I eat some nuts and fruit, followed by dinner at 8 p.m. Although I don’t skip all treats! Every night, I have one square of dark chocolate with my tea before bed. This, along with making other lifestyle changes, has helped me lose over 100 pounds.”

Keep the meal mini

Mary R., Westerville, Ohio, who shed 53 lbs in 1 year said, and I quote “I lost weight well by eating six mini snacks a day. I drank a glass of water before each snack. I also had a goal to eat nine servings of produce a day, so each snack contained 1-2 servings of produce, plus protein like chicken or nuts. It kept me full and helped me not feel deprived.”

Eat more fiber

The woman who cut down 60 lbs in 1 and half years, Marcie M., Minneapolis, Minnesota, spoke the following words: “When I signed up for Weight Watchers, they taught me to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as the extra water and fiber are a dieter’s secret weapon. Eating produce as a snack not only kept me full, but it also reduced my cravings for sweets and other junk foods.”

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