Why Soaked Almonds Are Better Than Raw 


Brown cased almonds are rich, crunchy and gorgeous, and they are not just high in vitamins and nutrients but are also great to cook with. You can shred them over a dessert, toast them to make a soft and a light souffle or even grind them to prepare dishes you may have in mind. They are one of the most commonly found nuts, which is loved all over the world. You can have almonds raw or decide to have soaked almonds to take advantage of its nutrient qualities. 

Almonds have great historical significance, and many people believe there’s been around for almost 19,000 years. Their initial cultivation began in Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey before spreading out to the Mediterranean region, Europe and China.

It has been mentioned that almonds and its trees have both been featured in the old testament. The branch from the almond tree has also received a mention in the Exodus, which is the story of Moses. They were also popular in Egypt where almonds were stuffed in treasures of all types, including vases, boxes, jewelry cases, Etc. 

The Nutrient Profiles Of Almonds 

Almonds are considered as the next big super food because of the unbelievable nutrient profile they have. Almonds are rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, dietary fibers, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. They are high in protein and can, therefore, keep you full for a longer period, and the manganese content within almonds can help to strengthen the bones apart from regulating blood sugar. They are extremely practical for people who are struggling with blood pressure and can help functionality of the nerves and muscles. 

Should You Be Having Raw Almonds Or Soaked Almonds?

The choice about how you should be having almonds will depend upon your individual perception, but if you have been told to have your daily dose of almonds after they have been soaked overnight you are probably receiving advice, which is authentic. You do not have to remain concerned about any change in taste of the nuts because it is only a matter of picking the healthier option. It will be essential for you to understand that the Brown peel off almonds contains tannin, which can inhibit nutrient absorption.

It will be easier for you to remove the peel after the almonds have been soaked in water for about eight hours. After the peel has been removed the nutrients within the nut will be released easily. Soaking the almonds is not a complicated matter either because you just need to take a handful of almonds and soak them in about half a cup of water.

Cover the collection and allowed them to soak for about eight hours. You can remove them from the water and store them in a plastic container after they have been peeled. The collection will last you for about a week. 

The Benefits Of Soaked Almonds 

  • Soaked almonds can help you with digestion. The soaking of the almonds helps in releasing enzymes, which will prove beneficial for your digestion. The enzyme released is known as lipase, which is useful to digest fats within the body. 
  • They can help with weight loss. The monounsaturated fats within almonds will curb your appetite to give you a feeling of fullness. You can even use them as a snack because they can prevent you from indulging in binge eating. 
  • Almonds are extremely beneficial for the heart because they can reduce the bad cholesterol from within your body and increase good cholesterol. 
  • They are a great source of antioxidants. The vitamin E which is present in soaked almonds can work as an antioxidant which can inhibit free-radical damage to prevent aging and inflammation. 
  • Soaked almonds contain vitamin B-17, which is reputed to be a good tool to fight cancer. 
  • The flavonoids present in almonds can suppress the growth of tumors. 
  • Soaked almonds can help in lowering and maintaining glucose levels and regulating high blood pressure. 
  • Soaked almonds can also reduce birth defects because they contain folic acid. 

We have provided you the benefits which will be available to you if you decide to have some soaked almonds every day. However, the choice is entirely up to your discretion because you are the sole authority who can decide how you want to have the almonds. Our attempt is just to make you aware of the beneficial properties of soaked almonds.   



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