These Food Alternatives Can Slash Your Everyday Calorie Intake


Admit it, we would love a thin crust pizza loaded with pepperoni and cheese any day of the week but even though that might not be the healthiest option out there, we can make subtle changes to our everyday diet to drastically cut down on our calorie intake.

According to dietitians, we can swap unhealthy elements in our food with healthier equivalents to cut down hundreds and even thousands of calories whilst also keeping the sweet tooth away.

Like Cheese Ham sandwiches? Swap with Poached Salmon Sandwiches

Sandwiches are always on the menu, whether it is at a business meeting or a house party. So, if you think you are rebellious enough to bring your own, then swap out the traditional ham and cheese sandwiches with poached salmon ones with watercress filling. It is recommended to go with whole wheat bread, despite recent studies insinuating that there is little difference between white bread and its brown counterpart.

Like Long grain white rice? Swap with Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice has the same aesthetic and textural properties as white rice but not only is it a very good food for vitamins, potassium, folate, and fibre, it also contains much less calories compared to traditional white rice. A typical serving of cauliflower rice would have 150 to 200 fewer calories compared to white rice whilst also having 60% less saturated fat.

Like Mayonnaise? Swap with mashed avocado

Mayonnaise is a common ingredient in most of our everyday meals and comfort foods but it is also a source of unhealthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids and loaded with calories; a tablespoon of mayonnaise can contain more than 100 calories. Mashed avocado however, contains much fewer mono-unsaturated fats whilst also being rich in Vitamin E with a lower calorie count; a similar quantity of mashed avocado contains around 60 calories, much lower quantity of fat and is a great source of fiber.

Like Cheddar cheese? Swap with feta cheese

Cheese is an essential ingredient in most modern foods and is a very good source of healthy fats which make up for a balanced meal. There are numerous kinds of cheese in the marketplace which enables us to choose the healthiest option and since cheddar cheese is used extensively in most fast food options, it is worth noting that this cheese does contain a lot of calories whilst also having a high quantity of saturated fat. By comparison, feta cheese contains half the calories and a much lower content of fat and saturated fat.

Like Strawberry cheesecake? Swap with Strawberries dipped in chocolate

This fruity dessert also cuts down on fat by almost 60%, has lower sugar content whilst being rich in fiber as well

This swap not only offers a much healthier alternative but also an extremely appetizing one whilst cutting the calories by half in the process. A piece of cheesecake typically contains around 360 calories but a similar serving of strawberries dipped in chocolate merely accounts for 170 calories.

Like Potato Wedges? Swap with Butternut Squash Wedges

This swap is especially recommended if you prefer low carb diets since potatoes are such a big source of carbohydrates. Butternut squash in stark contrast is a great food for low carb diets and contains much lower calories as well; a typical meal of potato wedges contains 170 calories and 4 grams of fat whereas an equal portion of squashed butternut wedges contain only 50 calories and 0.1 grams of fat whilst also being a very good source of nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Like Pork Sausages? Swap with Salmon Steak

Salmon is a very good source for vital nutrients like phosphorous, vitamin E, vitamin D, and healthy omega-3 fats

For this swap, it is recommended that the salmon steaks contain the fleshy parts and even though this swap does not significantly lower the calorie count, it does make for a much healthier and more nutritious meal whilst also upping the protein intake since it replaces the carbs and fat in the sausages with a much leaner and high protein steak meal.