Too Cold Outside? It’s The Perfect Time To Exercise


The winter period is a fun time where people tend to relax more often, unwind and dine to the fullest. Many people believe that hunger is a constant companion before this period so they will want to do everything they can to make up for lost time. As a result, they immerse themselves in oceans of feasts, buffets, and merry-making, forgetting their necessary exercises in the process.

Consequently, the weight will accumulate and many people on a weight loss project will regain their lost pounds. However, engaging in a simple, but intense exercise on the field or on the track will go a long way to give you abundant fitness privileges, and you can still have fun at winter time.

A few months ago, an examination of the health benefits of outdoor calisthenics was conducted by a Wyoming special outdoor exercise rally tagged ‘Countryside Outdoor Fitness Program.’ 57 participants, both males, and females were selected in the intense program. The purpose was to establish the fact that when individuals perform physical activities outside the comforts of their houses, they will lose a substantial amount of calorie when compared to doing it inside the house where the temperature is rather friendlier.

According to the recent findings of the organizers, the 57 members of the team were examined further, and the results showed that they shed about 36% calories as they went on working out under the cold weather with a temperature of 12-25 degree, higher than when they were placed under a more friendly heated weather.

In summary, the team was divided into the female group and the male group. The males who exercised outside their homes lost 5,077 calories every day while exercising under the cold weather. This was compared with their indoor counterparts who hiked in the winter, and the latter only lost 3,432 when they work out at springtime. Their female partners had a distinct outcome because those who exercised outside shed 3,783 calories and 3,081 pounds at springtime.

This is to show us another alternative exercise for someone who wants to lose enough calories. The outcome was used to demonstrate the basis for this research. Participants who exercised during winter period when the program was ongoing lost more than 2,000 calories, which was higher than the springtime exercises.

The concepts responsible for this finding and the loss of calorie can be compared to walking very quickly from the office to the house when the temperature is down. This physical activity can lead to weakness and feeling of starvation.

One of the members of the countryside outdoor rally, Cara Ocobock, who came from the Albany University, gave out her opinion which classified coldness has been a luxury for a functional metabolism. She explained that thermogenesis is needed for shedding extra calories to maintain the mild warmness in the body.

Notwithstanding, you are still required to remain cold because the thermogenesis will need it for its activeness. In other words, trying to keep the cold out of the way will not be the solution. Leave some space for cold to enter.

Working out under the cold weather triggers hunger more obvious than when you are working out inside a hotter atmosphere, which may be unfavorable to the weight loss rule that says one must release more calories than the amount that goes inside the body. In this case, it’s natural for you to be confused and the craving for a large bowl delicious meal may be irresistible but be careful so that you won’t lose sight of your weight loss vision.

One more unpleasant experience that people hate to go through is the effect of chilly weather on their bodies. However, you can avoid this by staying indoors in a room that is cold. Calories will melt in no time, and your metabolic functionalities will be roused. Scientists have also confirmed that it is healthier and easier to get a sound sleep when the room windows are left un-shut. Researchers also say that people need to give catnap a chance when they are on a weight loss spree.

In case you are in a hurry and feel like just having a very short exercise inside your room, then the 15 minutes Bella’s exercise guide will be a very good choice.

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