Top Five Travel Destinations that Take Altruism to the Next Level


Traveling is on everyone’s wishlist, but what if there was a way to realize this dream in the most positive and sustainable way possible? Luckily, there are a few magical destinations in this world that really take Altruism to the next level.

Altruistic travelling is a new way to help global communities develop through tourism and raise awareness about environmental conservation which can ultimately change lives and our planet as a whole. Here are some of the best holiday destinations to give you a real taste of altruism.

With 50 per cent of the city’s population riding bicycles, Copenhagen is one of the most unpolluted places in the world

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark has consistently held the title of the happiest country in the world, which makes it a must-visit destination for your next holiday. Furthermore, Denmark’s Copenhagen is also an extremely sustainable city full of greenery, beautiful parks, harbor baths and plenty of family-friendly spots.

With 50 per cent of the city’s population riding bicycles, Copenhagen is one of the most unpolluted places in the world. Rent a cargo bike to see the city’s historic sites or an electric boat to cruise the clean canals with the family. Children can also participate in city cleanups where they are rewarded for scooping up the trash and keeping the streets clean.

Nicaragua, Central America

Nicaragua has experienced political instability for years, but its tourism industry is finally starting to kick off. Since this Central American country isn’t a mainstream travel destination yet, it’s got plenty of small-scale community businesses which give you the authentic Central American experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

From fun one-on-one Spanish classes to  sightseeing trips to lakes villages and volcanoes, Nicaragua is a sustainable travel destination where your money will contribute to strengthening the community, providing employment to locals and creating awareness about preserving the environment.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is paradisiac and altruistic, all in one. This tiny Caribbean island is filled with beaches and clear, blue waters as far as the eyes can see. It also offers plenty of on-land entertainment opportunities which make it an exciting travel destination for families.

The island resorts are all striving to become eco-friendly by banning plastic straws and utensils and only changing towels when the guests request it.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia has been transformed into the sustainable and eco-conscious hub of South East Asia over the past few years.

Siem Reap, which is considered the country’ spiritual center, has an element of social awareness and responsibility with locally sourced produce and plenty of charity projects that funnel profits from the tourism industry into various healthcare and educational causes that could strengthen the nation’s future.

There are plenty of historical sites and temples to visit besides Angkor Wat that offer a range of family-friendly activities. The famous Kandal village is lined with environmentally conscious boutiques and cafes as well as yoga and fitness studios that work towards empowering young Cambodian girls.

Koh Lipe is partially powered by solar energy and the entire surrounding area is protected against fishing practices

Koh Lipe, Thailand

You probably never thought that an island on Thailand’s Andaman Sea would make it to this list, but this small island of Koh Lipe is one of the first in the region to take part in sustainability and ecotourism.

Koh Lipe is partially powered by solar energy and the entire surrounding area is protected against fishing practices. This is one of the reasons why Koh Lipe is one of the best places to go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Voluneer groups like Trash Hero are also participating in cleanup efforts by recruiting help from locals and tourists in cleaning up the island once every week. On some days, the volunteers clean up Koh Lipe and on others, they take a day trip to neighboring islands.

Cleaning up the oceans is a great way to give back to our planet while travelling. It can also be beneficial for educating the younger generation about how the plastic waste that goes down the drain can really affect marine life.

Another great thing about Koh Lipe is that it isn’t over-exploited by tourists unlike other Thai islands in the Andaman Sea. The government has also stepped in to preserve the beauty of this pristine island by banning the construction of resorts in certain areas.