Trump Dampens Easter Spirit by Unleashing Storm of Twitter Threats


Last Sunday, the President of the United States fired off a barrage of threatening tweets after managing to put out only a one post of holiday kindness which read ‘HAPPY EASTER!’ in all-caps.

But while the holiday cheer was only meant for Trump’s true American followers, the president had a completely different message for the immigrants and undocumented children who were trying to cross the Mexican border to gain unauthorized entry into the United States – and it did not have an ounce of cheerfulness to it.

President Trump and wife Melania Trump seen at Episcopal Church, Florida, for Easter services on April 1, 2018

Trump’s Easter Threats

President Donald Trump kicked off his Easter Sunday in the most Trumpian fashion: by launching a storm of threatening tweets against young immigrants, NAFTA, Mexico and basically whoever he could point his finger at for the growing migration crisis.

The president threatened the millions of undocumented aliens in the U.S., who had migrated to the country at a young age, saying that the government will not legalize the status of these ‘dreamers’ unless Mexico decides to tighten control at its border with the United States.

Trump pointed out that the border between the U.S. and Mexico was becoming increasingly dangerous because the Mexican immigration officers weren’t doing their jobs properly. The president also proposed that the Republicans immediately start working on stricter legislation which prevents the flow of migrants into the country.

Trump also said that if the Mexican authorities continued to be so lax about border control then his administration will be left with no choice but to cancel the NAFTA treaty which has allowed Mexico to trade profitably with the United States.

President Calls Democrats’ Laws ‘Ridiculous’

The barrage of tweets came only 90 minutes after the President posted ‘HAPPY EASTER!’ on his Twitter account. The holiday spirit was short-lived as Trump quickly returned to his xenophobic behavior with a ‘NO MORE DACA DEAL’ rant just before making an appearance with Melania at the Episcopal church.

The president started by blaming the Democrats for making ridiculous ‘Catch & Release’ laws which were only preventing the U.S. border patrol agents from doing their job. He said that the situation is getting more out of hand than ever because of organized migrations by caravans which are quickly approaching the border and may be able to get through illegally if nothing is done to stop them.

Trump threatened to cancel the DACA deal, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was started during Obama’s presidency and allowed young migrants to seek temporary protection in the United States in case their home country posed a legitimate threat to their safety. Although the DACA deal was cancelled by Trump last fall, the president was still willing to reach an agreement with the congress to allow the migrants to stay in the country for longer in return for funding a wall on the US-Mexico border that he has been promising ever since he first started campaigning for presidency.

Trump’s twitter rant seemed to be a reaction to Sunday’s Fox News commentary – which Trump has admitted to watching religiously – on the caravan of immigrants that was heading towards the U.S. borders. The remarks were made during the President’s holiday week which he spent with his family at Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida.

Trump ended the DACA program, which allowed young immigrants to enter and stay in the United States temporarily, last fall

More Threatening Tweets Followed

In a second tweet following his threat to end DACA, Trump took a jab at Mexico, saying that if the country did not help the U.S. with securing the borders, he will end the NAFTA agreement, which could bring a serious blow to Mexico’s economy. He accused the Mexican immigration officers of doing nothing to prevent migrants from entering the country illegally. The immigrants are laughing at America’s stupid immigration laws, he wrote.

The rant didn’t end there, as the president wrote a third tweet saying that the migrants were taking advantage of Obama’s DACA program but he won’t let these ‘dreamers’ get their way and destroy his country. This isn’t the first time Trump has threatened the Mexican president Peña Nieto with ending NAFTA if his country doesn’t pay for the wall. After a heated telephonic conversation between the two leaders in February, Peña Nieto didn’t only refuse to pay a cent for Trump’s prized wall but he also canceled his visit to Washington.

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