Turmeric Golden Milk Is Working Wonders — Why You Should Try It


There are different types of healthy beverages, but there is one from India working magic, and you need to learn about it.

You might know a thing or two about a nutritious milky drink that has gone viral among both high class and the average citizens in the society. This unique drink is called ‘golden’ or ‘turmeric latte, ‘ and it’s dated back to many centuries ago. This beverage drink has a gleaming fusion of colored liquid and is regarded as an essential food item in India for years.

The drink is very famous for its fine name and attractive appearance. Turmeric does not just possess an alluring name and bright yellow color, but It is enmeshed in immense nutritious value from active natural ingredients that can heal patients. Evidence to defend this claim abound.

Golden milk can be found in turmeric drink. Golden milk is a mixture of different milk from any sources and turmeric, in addition to a spicy yellow spice that is known for its inflammatory-free components.

The drink can be enhanced with the addition of other ingredients. Both hot and cold serves go well with turmeric. The people in the U.S are finding turmeric drink strange but in its home country of India where it came from, mixing milk with turmeric is called haldi doodh. “Golden milk has been used by nursing mothers in India for ages to cure their children’s illnesses and insomnia,” Vidya Rao said. He is a food reporter who had his training at New York City’s Natural Gourmet Institute.

Other health benefits of the golden milk drink are the cure for coughs and shivering symptoms. It is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. The widespread of the beverage is far-flung outside India and U.S. Starbucks in the U.K has also gotten the flu.

Turmeric drink is packaged in bottles from several beverage companies and can be purchased at popular large and small coffee shops anywhere in the city.

Golden milk has a unique feature which distinguished it from other drinks. It does not require the stress of using a matcha whisk or frother for it, unlike its contemporaries. All one what you need is a mug, a regular whisker, and a pot and you are good to go.

Golden milk is seen as a drink filled with several health benefits that are relevant to turmeric. Examples of these benefits include anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

“The yellow spice is rich with anti-inflammatory elements that are useful for inflammation and swelling,’ nutritionist, Joy Bauer said. “The drink can even eliminate arthritis along with its aches and pains,” she said. “Reports on turmeric by researchers have shown that it can also serve the purpose of ibuprofen.”

Bauer said that turmeric could show up when black pepper and milk mixed with a fatty source of the beverage. This can increase curcumin which is the active ingredient in turmeric. The nutritionist also noted that there is no harm in adding other ingredients to it.

Health experts, however, still demand more in-depth human studies to prove that the acclaimed health properties in turmeric are truly effective on human beings. But, there have been positive feedbacks on the drink by those who used it. The presence of curcumin will likely boost insulin sensitivity, and there will be inflammation eradication for pre-diabetes and diabetes patients. Notwithstanding, further thorough studies should still be done.

In spite of these debates, golden milk still enjoys high patronage. “There is high demand for the drink at our shop on daily basis,” says Jai Lott who is a coffee director in New York City-based Bluestone Lane,

He advised people who may want to give turmeric a try to take the drink in the morning instead of coffee. Bluestone usually adds cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cayenne pepper, coconut sugar and almond milk to his turmeric drink.

Bauer also chips in. “Turmeric is receptive to other drugs, but anyone who wishes to combine should contact doctors for professional guidelines.” But turmeric is present in turmeric latte so it can be consumed without limitation.

Therefore, you can go ahead and introduce different styles of turmeric recipes if you so desire but ensure to avoid excessive sugars and unnecessary fatty sources.

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