What Is Water Weight And How Do You Lose It?


People would often say something about water weight, but when you weigh yourself on a scale, it’s not technically going to say what your water weight is. It can indeed be really frustrating at times. Water weight would often be the reason why it seems like nothing is happening even if you’re already working too hard, it happens to men and women so there isn’t exactly any exceptions. So how exactly does the body retain water? Keep reading to find out.


The body does indeed need a certain amount of fluid but there is what they called retaining water in the body and it is actually excess water that is hanging around in the tissues which are between the cells.

Salt and Carbohydrates

These two are usually present in almost every food, and they actually both cause water retention. This is why people would have a non-Paleo meal for breakfast and after they eat, they would scale themselves and they will see that they gained. They didn’t actually gain a couple of pounds right after eating. It is just the water weight.

Women’s Hormones

When it comes to water weight in women, it just gets a little too complicated because almost 9 out to 10 women actually experience water retention just a week right before their monthly visit comes, but when the menstrual cycle begins, it would drop. Most of the time, women who are near their menstrual cycle would feel bloated and sluggish which can be very uncomfortable.

Lose Weight = Lose Water

When the body is trying to lose weight, the body is actually exerting effort so the extra water is holding on. For instance, when people start with a calorie-restricted diet, their body would then burn all the calories that have been reduced that their bodies are actually consuming. When this happens, the glycogen in the body, which is the one holding the water, will then release water it was holding on to.

“This initial weight loss can be as much as eight pounds, depending on your starting weight. This doesn’t mean that you’re retaining water in an unhealthy way, your body is just adjusting to your healthier eating habits.” – Ashvini Mashru R.D. Author or Small Steps To Slim


Water weight sometimes makes people feel really dreadful since they feel like they’re bloated, and these are of course caused by unhealthy eating. It is basically stored in the fingers, face, legs, and even toes. Keep in mind that water weight is temporary so of course you could get rid of it.


It might be a little confusing why would it is advisable to drink water if you’re actually trying to get rid of water. Just because you are retaining water in your body doesn’t mean that you have enough of it. The water is retained simply because you are not drinking enough water. This is called mild dehydration, water is being retained in the body because it might run out so drinking water would help since it would dehydrate your body.

If drinking water makes you feel even more bloated, then why not try some green tea or just water with some lemon. These would also help if you’re experiencing constipation which may be another cause why you’re feeling bloated.


Foods that has probiotics naturally can actually help reduce that bloated feeling that is caused by the retained water. Yogurt, pickles, kimchi, miso, are just some of the foods that contain natural probiotics, if you don’t happen to like any of these foods then simply get probiotic supplements and take them daily. However, keep in mind that some supplements are not regulated by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, so use them with caution.


Last but probably the best possible is to have a talk with your doctor. Your doctor would know more about your situation, and you will probably be checked if it is really just water weight or something more, since sometimes it is a little too difficult to tell which is which. Your doctor would also prescribe you with proper vitamins and other supplements that would suit your lifestyle, so it’s always best to have a visit to your doctor.

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