Weight Loss & Eggs; Study Shows How This Super Protein Can Get The Job Done Faster


Eggs have been the subject of debate since time immemorial when it comes to health. Some would say that these are white orbs of death, while others think that these are wonder foods which fell straight from heaven. If you have had some second thoughts about how good or bad eggs can be for you, here are some reasons why you should go ahead and get some:

They Can Boost Your Metabolism

Eggs contain large all the essential amino acids just in the ideal ratios. This means that your body can optimally use the protein in eggs for maintenance as well as for boosting your metabolism.

Having a high amount of protein in your diet has been proven to boost metabolism by up to 80 to 100 calories in a day. This takes place through a process called thermogenesis, wherein your body spontaneously produces heat which in turn, burns more calories and fat even while resting.

They Help Keep You Full Easier

Eggs are loaded with good fats and protein, and these are why they keep you full for longer hours. When you feel hungry, simply having an egg for a snack can already curb your appetite and keep you satisfied for hours. This can do even better when you have eggs with whole grain toast, coffee, cereals and other nutrient and fiber-rich options.

Eggs are one of the purest forms of protein known to man and this is why this is has been a go-to source for those who need a quick protein fix. Whether you want to grab something quick for breakfast or if you feel hungry, do not hesitate to have an egg or two.

They Are Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Eggs are high in protein and low in calories

The egg yolk has always been thought to be the very source of cholesterol in eggs and this is why it has been feared for ages. However, this is not necessarily true all the time. While it does contain some cholesterol, it is also loaded with a lot of the good stuff which you should have.

The egg yolk is what feeds the chick as it hatches, so it has all the nutrients necessary to sustain life. The egg yolk has vitamin D, selenium, healthy fats and a lot more. Of course, this is good for you, but moderation is still the key. Just get one or two egg yolks and you should be okay as long as your diet is on point.

They Help You Recover

The best thing you get out of eggs is the amount of protein that is in it. One egg typically contains around four to six grams of pure protein. Ideally, you have to consume half your bodyweight in protein per day, and even more, if you are aiming to add more mass to your frame.

Proteins are the building blocks of nature. When you are sore from a workout, this is the best time to get your protein fix so your body recovers and gets stronger.

They Are Low in Calories

Some of the macros that you should watch when trying to lose weight are calories and sugar. You want to avoid these as much as you can, and fortunately, these are almost non-existent for eggs. One large egg only has around 78 calories, but it is very high in nutrients. If you eat around two to four eggs in one meal, that would be just around 240 calories. When you add some whole grains and vegetables, you can get very full and still had just consumed around 300 calories.

Do keep in mind that if you do decide to fry eggs in oil or butter, you can easily add 50 calories for each teaspoon. However, considering all the many benefits, that still is not really that bad.

Of course, veggies, whole grains and all those healthy stuff are still part of a healthy diet, but if you thought that eggs are bad for you, then you are not correct. If you are looking for an easily accessible snack that is packed with protein and nutrients, just go ahead and have an egg. What do you think about eggs for weight loss? Do you eat them or avoid them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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