Woman Buys a Rotting Fish, Four Weeks Later It Transformed into Something AMAZING!


Held captive in a dark corner of a Walmart store, this poor fish was left extremely neglected and breathing its last few breaths. The little creature’s condition couldn’t have been any worse: it was at the verge of losing its fins and tail – almost disintegrating alive in the tiny bowl of water it lived it.

Then, the fish miraculously transformed into something unbelievable after a kind woman decided to bring it home and give it the love and care it was desperately in need of.

Victoria found this neglected fish rotting away in the corner of a Walmart store

Finding a Rotting Fish in Walmart

It was just a normal afternoon in Victoria Schild’s life as she pulled up in the parking lot of the nearest Walmart store to pick up some groceries. Walking into the big supermarket, she had no intention of buying any pets, but as luck had it, her eyes fell on a lonely fish swimming in a tiny jar at the back of the store.

She couldn’t help but feel sorry for the tiny creature – how could someone leave a living, breathing being neglected and rotting away in a corner? Victoria knew that she had to do something. In an interview with a newspaper, she said that she felt a strong urge to take the little fish home with her so she decided to buy it.

While Victoria was driving home with her new pet, she was extremely worried about the health of the fish. It looked like it was rotting away and could die any minute. Although she had rescued him from the supermarket, she might not be able to save his life if she didn’t act fast. The first night was the toughest, and even watching the deteriorating health of her new pet made Victoria unsure about her future. What if he died on the very first night of being in the house?

Nursing it Back to Health

Victoria wasn’t planning on giving up on her new fish so soon so decided to whatever she could within her power to nurse it back to health. After getting home, she started searching the internet for information on helping a dying fish recover. She put him in clean warm water and gave him basic care including food and medicine – in just one week, her new pet was looking much healthier!

During week two, his health had improved tremendously. The fish no longer looked like it was going to fall apart any minute. Instead, he had begun to grow new, colorful fins and was even moving his tail.

The tiny creature finally had enough energy to flutter around in its water bowl, finally showing signs of life. Victoria’s hard work was paying off and the fish, which had once been rotting away in a supermarket, had now transformed into a colorful little creature with beautiful, sail-like fins. She named her new pet Argo and decided to let the world hear the story of his survival so that more people were aware of how fish are treated in supermarkets.

Argo’s incredible transformation after four weeks of nursing it back to health

Argo’s Incredible Transformation

Argo’s incredible transformation has now gone viral over the internet and people can’t believe what a beautiful fish it has become in just four weeks. Victoria says that pet fish are just as precious as other domestic animals most of us love. When people talk about animal rights, that must also include the rights of water creatures which are often neglected by store owners. There isn’t enough awareness on looking after pet fish and it isn’t enough to leave them in a small bowl of water with some food. These creatures are clever and require a nurturing environment to live a healthy life.

Victoria says that from the moment she saw Argo in the store, she knew that there was something special about him, but she could have never imagined that underneath the rotting exterior was hiding a beautiful little fish with the courage of a soldier. She named him Argo because of his gorgeous sail-like fins.