Women Are Stronger Than Men In Physical Strength, Researchers Reveal


A long-lasting tradition of the belief that men are physically stronger than women has been in existence since time immemorial. The society sees the male species as being naturally favored than their female counterparts in agility. However, if the results of a new study are anything to go by, then women can jump for joy because the female folks are actually stronger physically.

The study, as published in one physiology journal, showed that researchers who came from the University of Waterloo in Canada experimented on eighteen adults, both men, and women, within the age bracket of 18-30 years. The participants had almost similar body weight measurement, and they were being asked to walk on the treadmill. After that without delay, the practice was over, and they were required to walk at a slow pace, gathering momentum gradually on accelerations. They were left to keep going until around 80% of their maximum heart rate had been reached. Individuals participant put on a face mask to calculate the amount of oxygen uptake they used and the rate of carbon dioxide they generated.

According to the study author, Richard Hughson, a kinesiology professor at the University of Waterloo, the exact calculation they took in the study was meant to examine the rate of speed at which oxygen uptake accumulates when people ascend from a relaxed state to exercise transformation. He continued by explaining that if people are deficient in fitness, their adaptation to exercise more frequently will be slow. They usually see it as burdensome and a bigger toil, therefore they avoid the practice completely, and as a result, their progress in fitness dwindles very fast.

Hughson went on to say that through that lifestyle, oxygen intake will be a huge pointer to entire physical wellness and through this occurrence, women have come out triumphant. The researchers discovered that women acclimatized to exercise after around 30 seconds, but men could only take 42 seconds. This means that an approximately 30% faster rate of oxygen processing, and a crystal favor on the part of the women when it comes to physical strength. Also, the research team also discovered that the female sport’s practitioners were better at sending oxygen to tissues all over their bodies and that their tissues, were good at using the additional oxygen.

Hughson expressed his opinion that even though the male folks may habitually possess a bit stronger and have more speed than women, there is no apparent evidence that they are generally stronger.

When the rate of speed at which a person adjusts to the level of exercise is well observed, he continues, then the pointer of wellness and health can be seen.

Corroborating Hughson’s statements, the chief author Thomas Beltrame revealed that the research team has the plans to spread the scientific investigations to the camp of elite athletes, in order not to limit it to the recreational exercisers. In the future, says Beltrame, studies are required to determine if the outcome of their research on sporting active men and women, who were merged for fitness, will also apply to most fit women when compared to the fittest men.

Still supporting these findings, women seem to possess the key to a longer lifespan, and at old age, the big disparity between the two gender is very obvious, says Austad Steven.

According to the international expert on aging, and chair of the biology department at the University of Alabama, women usually survive more than their male counterparts. Steven has been busy on the research on a popular but under-rated factual secret in human biological makeup. For almost twenty years and still counting, the aging expert has been observing that women have stronger life advantage than men. His databases on life durability show that worldwide and dating back to ancient records that have been kept; women have durability by five to six years gap. Steven calls them “more healthy.”

This revealing fact is a puncture on the age-long theory that women are weaker vessels. But can we say that this result is a myth? In a contrary view, Angel Saini, a writer, was of the opinion that women only have the upper hand in the emotional and intellectual aspects of their lives. But Austad opposed this notion as he insisted on his stand that women are truly physically stronger especially during their old age.

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