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4 Signs That Show You Are in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

There are various reasons while people choose to remain in an abusive relationship. Some of them include fear, denial and inferiority complex.

Abusive relationships exist in various forms like physical harassment and violence, physical violence, as well as psychological abuse. Some of these abuses like physical harassment and psychological may not be as obvious as the rest, but at the same time, they are as damaging as the rest.

According to a psychologist, emotional abuse that has to do with psychological abuse is more delicate than other forms of emotional abuse due to the fact that the victim is always under control of the abuser at all times. This type of abuse can also have a more lasting effect than those that leaver scars on the patient’s body.

A lot of victims of emotional abuse in a relationship do not always see the signs earlier enough when it would be easy to leave the relationship until it is too late. Therefore, it is very important that people get enlightened about the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship, such that they can be able to flee as soon as they can.

So some of the signs to look out for that shows if your partner will be emotionally abusive includes the following:

When They Always Want to Know Your Whereabouts

Psychologists term this as obsessive monitoring such that the partner will always call in to know where you are and what you are doing. The mistake people make is that they tend to think all of this is a show of affection and love earlier in the relationship.

Although this may be the case in some situation, but when your partners start showing up at the location that you claim to be unannounced, or they start calling friends and families to make sure you are where you are, then you need to know that this is a form of obsessiveness that leads to emotional abuse.

whenever your partner makes an effort to know what you are doing and who you are with all the time, there is a tendency for them to be emotionally abusive

In some situation, it might be installing software to monitor movements, or they always want to be with you regardless of how inconvenient it might be most times.

Other signs related to this are partners that would want you to have fewer friends, or tend to steer you away from close friends and families through jealousy. Most time they will recommend that you spend less time with your friends and families

Ultimately you can conclude on this when they get extremely angry with you when you refuse to state your whereabouts, or you do not succumb to their recommendation of staying away from some friends and families.

Erratic Behavior

When your partners show erratic behavior pattern such that they are not consistent with their attitude, they tend to be very emotionally abusive. They may be very nice, and in a minute they become very mean, and this is in a bid to damage the self-esteem of their victims.

Being mean and suddenly becoming nice the next minute is what you should watch out for.

This act is done in such a way that they tend to get extremely angry and over an issue, and when they see that the victim is hurt and they may be losing the victim, they suddenly become very nice and calm. Although it is normal in a relationship, that partners feel remorse and apologize, but once this becomes a norm, it is manipulation and a very huge sign of emotional abuse.

Lots of Arguments

An emotional abuser never wants to be wrong, and to this effect, there will be lots of argument in the relationship where really hurtful things will be said. Although all couples fight, when it is an abusive relationship there tend to be an imbalance of power with the abuser having an edge all the time, making the victim feel guilty and worthless.

An emotional abuser in a relationship will always want to exert power during a relationship

Most times the abuser will always try to end up winning the argument and will stop at nothing to make sure they do so. When this is noticed, then you should know that the relationship isn’t a healthy one.

Scared to Talk to Them

When you are very scared to bring up a very serious issue with your partner because you do not know how they are going to react to it, then you shouldn’t want to be in such a relationship.

You should be able to talk openly about anything and everything, and should a situation arise when you can’t do so, you need to assess the relationship carefully. The notable situation is being annoyed over an honest joke or an irrelevant matter.

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