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48 Special Celebrity Cars – Find Out Who Has The Most Expensive Car

Meghan Markle – Audi Q5 SUV, $55,050

Can you believe Prince Harry’s fiancée used to drive around in a used car with doors that didn’t open? Yes, and the ‘Suits’ star herself talked about her days when she was just a struggling actress and revealed at a Creative and Culture Conference that she was facing bankruptcy at one point of her life. Instead of finding a bankruptcy attorney, she chanced upon her Prince Charming, a real prince for that matter, and the romance between the two has grown stronger with time. Meghan recently handed over the keys of her Audi Q5 to one of the best Audi dealers in the US, as she thought she was becoming an easy target for the paparazzi due to her easily-recognizable car. She would certainly be prequalified for car loans when she finally meets her beau in the UK.

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