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These Pics Of Celebs & Their Parents At The Same Age Will Make You Believe In Genetics Even More

It can be fun to trace how resemblances, mannerisms, and even talents are passed between generations of family members. With countless paparazzi snapshots and hours of film footage on record, it can be even more fun to see which traits celebrities have inherited from their famous parents – besides their mutual funds that is.

Kayja Rose and Joe Rogan

Banking on his patience and determination, Joe Rogan managed to carve his own space in the television industry. He is popular among the masses as their favorite stand-up comedian and a color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has been an actor as well, appearing in shows like NewsRadio as well as Hardball. However, his work as the presenter of the show, Fear Factor, probably gave him the recognition that he truly deserved.

He has been married to Jessica Ditzel for the last 11 years. However, Jessica has a daughter named Kayja Rose from her previous relationship with H-Town’s Keven Conner. Kayja, Joe Rogan’s eldest daughter, has grown up to be a gorgeous lady and is on her way to establishing herself as an R&B artist. She is just amazing, we tell you!

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