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Be in Control of Your Life With These Three Basic NLP Techniques

Neuro-linguistic program is a method used by goal-oriented people who believe that everything that happens in life is not by chance but by choice – and these choices are all in the mind. NLP is like an amulet to those who use it; they see this method as an advantage and a means to overcome unwanted aspects of their lives. It uses your mind’s connection to your language to align your thoughts and get rid of cluttered and useless information for a success-driven mind.

Below are three techniques you could start with to see if NLP is something that can work for you.

Detach from Things That Don’t Matter

detach from negative emotions

It is common for us to react unpleasantly towards things that don’t work in our favor. This adds to our stress levels and reduces our happiness. Though they say emotions are hard to control, NLP has ways to neutralize negative emotions in situations such as phobias, depression, insecurities, pressure, stress, and more. We all have to confront one of these situations one way or another, and here’s what NLP wants you to do:

Identify the emotions you want to get rid of – it may be a phobia or a hatred towards a thing or a person. After determining the subject, imagine yourself encountering the situation you’d be going through when you are in such a situation. Play that scenario several times on your mind, and after doing so, try adding something on the scene that would make you feel at ease.

You may also add a piece of funny background music while they replay the scene in your mind, or reimagine your worst fear in cute or desirable form. After repeating the scene several times (the positive version) imagine yourself in the same scenario with you experiencing it. The emotions towards the situation would gradually decrease, and when you do this often, you might find yourself not affected by it anymore.

Remake Negatives

avoid negative thoughts

If you are in a situation that makes you feel inferior or powerless or anything that brings out your negative emotions, this technique could help. It helps you see the good things about a situation and see some benefits in it for you, which means that you would no longer be worried about the negative emotions. This method has proven to make people feel empowered and in control!

This technique allows you to change how negative situations impact you as someone who hates experiencing it. What people usually do when they’re in such a situation is they ground themselves to the negativity of the situation. NLP, on the other hand, will teach you that those negative situations are bound to make you better. Let’s take failure as an example. Sometimes when people fail, they get depressed and give up, but with NLP, you will start to see that failure is something you need to learn from to make you better; Just because you failed in doing something, you will realize what you shouldn’t do, and what wouldn’t work for you in the future.

NLP does not erase mistakes and failures but embraces them for this technique to be more effective since it is based on reality and the truth about the situation.

Become a Flexible Version of You

NLP does not just focus on you becoming a goal-oriented person, it also helps you get along with people since having a good relationship with others is also a crucial aspect of being in control, and living a happy and positive life.

Building a good relationship with others is not that hard with NLP. The basic thing you need to do is to know and predict what the person wants. Some tend to slightly imitate the aura of the person or use words that are of the same category. You can also assess them through their actions and their choice of words.

By determining the basic character and personality of the person, approaching and connecting with them won’t be that hard anymore. It is however important that you keenly do the process so you won’t give them a wrong expression of yourself. NLP suggests you ask yourself the basic questions- “What is the tone of voice,” “What topics do they usually talk about,” “Are they a happy conversationalist or a formal type,” “Do they like humor?”, etc.

NLP is proving to help one be in sync with the mind and emotions. And by being aware of your thoughts and emotions, you get to be in control with how you handle situations, and you become a positive person that doesn’t let (the cold or) anything else bother you in any way.

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