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These Are The Craziest & Most Dangerous Diets in History!

When it comes to the desperate pursuit of a skinny body, all concerns about good nutrition tend to be thrown out the window. In all of history, there has been a constant chase to achieve the “perfect” body, and while fashion and makeup trends are constantly changing, the one thing that never changes is that everyone always prefers to be ‘slim’ rather than overweight!

Well, here we look at some of the worst diets in history – the ones that we are glad died off and never really caught on because the lack of nutrition in these diets is astounding! If you are chasing after the figure you dream of, just remember that none of these diets are good to follow! But they sure are entertaining…

Cotton Ball Diet

This diet is exactly what it sounds like. In this diet, people are encouraged to opt for chewing on a cotton ball (sometimes dipped in flavorful liquid like juices or smoothies) and swallowing that instead of actual food when hungry. That way, you get the feeling of being full, without the calories.  We dread to think of the effects that this type of diet has on a person’s digestive system! We simply can’t believe that there were people who could fall for this kind of thing! Best get your last will and testament sorted before going with this one!

Slimming Soap

This crazy idea was thought up in the ‘30s, and we have to give a round of applause to whoever decided to market this and got away with it for a while! There were products available for consumers that was actually hand soap marketed as a fat-melting soap that simply “dissolves” your fat as you scrub. Some examples were Fatoff and Fat-O-No­.  It sure sounds crazy, but you can bet on it that these companies saw sales (some still are!)! On the bright side, all overweight people who buy this product must also be the cleanest people!

Tapeworm Diet

This one has been heard of before after it gained some traction in the modeling industry. The idea is to infect yourself with tapeworms. The ravenous worms were sold in pill form during the 20th century and the premise is simple – you eat what you want and in whatever quantities you want, and the tapeworm takes care of it all in your gut. Of course, the diet lost some traction when they began growing to 25 feet long and resulting in seizures, dementia, and in some cases, meningitis. A bit scary, right?

Cigarette Diet

The dangers of smoking were not recognized, understood, or studied in the ‘20s, and it was apparently a great idea to smoke a cigarette instead of having a plate of food whenever hungry. It was even prescribed by doctors because it made sense – obesity kills, and cigarettes didn’t. Of course, until lung cancer became less desirable than love handles.

Vinegar Diet

There was once a man called Lord Byron, who suggested that drinking vinegar daily would result in weight loss. Of course, indeed it would, especially with the diarrhea and all that vomiting! He probably didn’t say it was a safe means of losing weight, but nobody cared about whether it was safe – as long as it worked! Oh, and it was specifically plenty of vinegar, a cup of tea, and a raw egg every day. Yikes!

Sleeping Diet

Don’t laugh yet – this was a weight-loss method advocated by the King of Rock himself … Elvis Presley! The idea here is that you can’t eat if you’re fast asleep, and who can argue with that! Well, you won’t have much energy once you eventually wake up since you haven’t eaten, so what do you do but go back to sleep again! In all seriousness, this is what we today call anorexia.

Alcohol Diet

This is known as The Drinking Man’s Diet, and copies of this diet are still sold today. This diet was developed by Robert Cameron and is based on alcohol accompanying every meal and no limits on the intake of gin or vodka. The diet kicked off in the ‘60s and Cameron sold it for just $1 per copy. He managed to sell over 2 million copies. In fact, this diet is the foundation of the Atkins and Paleo diet.

In our desperation to see quick results from crash diets, some people sure have given nutrition the back seat. At least the cabbage soup diet is a healthy one – after all, you are encouraged to eat as much vegetable soup as you want! In modern times, it is more apparent than ever how important a lifestyle of clean eating and a healthy relationship with food is. So, forget fad diets and make the decision to eat healthier from today. A balanced and nutritious diet is the biggest investment you can make in your life – after all, it is the best way to ensure longevity (anti-aging creams can’t add on any years to your life, right!)!

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