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Five Reasons to Make Animal Workouts a Part of your Fitness Regime!

Move like an animal, and you will be in the best shape of your life! We are talking about animal flow workouts here. There are many reasons to try this amazing workout! So, should you jump into the bandwagon and try the animal flow workout? Well, we give you five reasons to try it, not only are the moves interesting and fun, and you’ll fall in love by contorting your body into various poses. You’ll be surprised by your body and yourself!

Animal workouts are creative, challenging, and you can crawl your way to fitness. Sometimes it also integrates circuit movements and lifting weights. You can do this either by attending a class or by doing it yourself. It usually involves a dynamic warm-up, active recovery, and include an existing circuit, program, skills building, or interval training.
Your local gym may not offer Animal Flow classes (yet, anyway), but it does not mean you can not try it yourself. Many youtube videos offer easy to follow and offer a good break from your regular workouts. Also, since it is a bodyweight workout, it puts focus on glutes, hamstrings, lower back, your arms, and shoulders, and so on, toning each body part.

Improve Your Flexibility

Animal workouts can help you beat stiffness and stay flexible. Most people use stretching exercises to enhance their flexibility. Still, with the Animal flow, you will not only be able to increase flexibility but also strength. Remember, the more movement you integrate, the more flexible you’ll be.

Add Stability to Your Movement

Core stability is one of the most important movement patterns you can try, and animal workouts help you improve your stability like no other. Most people think by core they mean abdomen only whereas by core muscle, we mean a host of muscles such as hip flexors, hip abductors/adductors, pelvic floor, and lumbar spine. The lumbar spine helps increase strength and stability and the one way to improve the same with incorporating exercise and sports.

Improve Your Endurance

What kind of workout helps build your flexibility, stability, and endurance? Well, you guessed it right. It is the animal flow workouts. You won’t find it boring. As the endurance phase of training happens in numerous ways, all you have to do is speed up the movements. It will improve your endurance levels for various sports and boost your fitness levels.

Add That Much-Needed Zing to Your Workout

Walking like a monkey is in vogue because it is not just cool but also fun, and when it is fun, you are much more likely not to miss your workout.  If you ever lack the motivation to miss your workouts, you most likely will not have the amount of fun you should be having.  Animal flow workouts change your perspective towards workouts. When you have this much fun moving like a cheetah and going on all fours, we bet you will be looking forward to switching on your beast mode quite literally.

Increase Your Strength

Increasing your strength is just not using heavy dumbbells but using your body weight too. As you lift your body weight and move it into various animal flow movements, you work against working on your body’s resistance, pushing the weight off the ground.
Now that you know exactly why we recommend animal flow workouts, it’s time to try it on the floor of your living room. You can also try some amazing animal flow workouts that go by the name of crab reach, traveling ape, scorpion reach, traveling beast, lateral lunge, sidekick through, and so on. It is a fun activity and has a different-sounding name, all-good, so is there a catch?

None-really! Also, it uses no equipment whatsoever, so for all fitness-enthusiasts who are revamping their workout routine and are looking to challenge their bodies beyond the one-dimensional way, try animal-flow workouts. Gymnasts, martial artists, and Ashtanga Yoga practitioners also strive to improve their kinaesthetic awareness. Besides that, it also improves the proprioceptive sense, sense of movement, and position that diminishes as you age—time to heighten it with the meanest moves. And you will soon find that the animal flow workouts, help your body greatly! However, make sure to check with your trainer to see if this workout suits your body type.

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