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Five Things You Shouldn’t Live Without in this Modern Day and Age

Despite the endless list of life’s necessities to be able to survive in this modern age, it is good to evaluate our possession from time to time to be able to realize what we truly need and what we shouldn’t live without.


money dollar bank notesLiving without money can be very difficult. Why? Money is a medium of exchange that is generally accepted all over the world. We use the money to buy all the things that we need, such as water, food, and other necessities to survive.  Even from the beginning, our society has evolved in using money.

The initial tender was in the form of gold and silver. Then there was an evolution of the concrete and stable forms like bills (paper money) and coins. We can’t live without money as everything we need in life costs money. Remember, nothing in this world comes for free!


Though the world was without the Internet since it’s inception, it is hard to imagine life without this advancement. Let’s face it; this is all the more true in the case of the millennials. They can hardly imagine living their lives without the Internet. Though we can still remember those good old days without the Internet, it has become a massive part of our daily life in this modern world. We can’t live without it because it allows us to be flexible at work (Like Google is your best friend).

It also enhances our education, like getting a college degree by joining internet lectures. The Internet gives us entertainment, like relying on a steady connection to watch Netflix streaming. Most of all, the Internet keeps us connected to our family, friends, and even the world. Facetime, anyone?


holding phone smartphoneImagine, you wake up one day only to find out you are in the Elizabethan age, and everything is so different. So what will you do first? Ah, you reach out for your smartphone only to find out you don’t have one. For sure, you’re going to have a major meltdown.

Smartphones in the modern age is no longer a luxury, but a great necessity, and living without it would be crippling. Why? A smartphone is a device that can give us instant communication not only in real-time calling but also in sending photos and files. Smartphone also offers endless entertainment which is accessible anytime and anywhere. Most of all, it makes life much more comfortable. You can work on your smartphone like having a laptop, and it replaces almost everything. For instance, nobody carries a camera, music player, maps, alarm, and calendar anymore, thanks to their smartphones. Amazing.

Family and Friends

Without family and genuine friends’ life can be dull and depressing. It is impossible to live without them, and that’s a fact. Well, let’s say we can live, but that won’t be much fun. You will have a huge emotional void that can’t be filled with money or the Internet. You are just a human, and you need love; you need care. Living without a family and genuine friends is impossible.

That’s because they are the only ones who can give unconditional love and support. They will always be there for you through thick and thin. You can always count on them for a good laugh and even a good cry.  They can teach you how to be selfless, and most of all, family and friends keep you inspired and grounded. This is one thing that we all need, no matter the generation we are in.

Day Off

day off vacation travel relaxThe fact is, you’re just human. You have a body and mind that gets exhausted. With all the ins and outs of your hectic day-to-day schedule, burn out is inevitable. In short, even the most energetic person needs a day off.  Day off, though it sounds a luxury, is in fact a necessity. It’s vital not just because your company pays you for a five-day workweek. But also because your physical and mental well-being depends on it. You also need to have mental stability if you wish to get back to your mundane routine again. To have a day off is not necessarily going out. But if that will suit you, by all means, do it. It’s about getting proper rest, to rejuvenate, and to take a break from the stress. So go ahead, indulge yourself with a day off that you well deserve.

Living in a busy modern world can be very exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make sure that you prioritize the things that matter most. Also, indulge yourself with what you want from time to time. It’s all about keeping a work-life balance.

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