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Five Tips for Women Who Want to Move On From Their Past Relationship

Is it just the coffee that tastes bitter without sugar or is it your love life starting from the day who you thought was “Mr. Right” left your heart hanging? When you just got out of a relationship, especially if you feel heartbroken and betrayed by the love of your life, it’s to be expected that you’d be swallowing a bitter pill for a while.

You hear a love song; you just want to cry. You see something that used to be his favorite like a food or a show on TV; you just want to punch something. That’s all normal and you deserve some time to mend your broken heart. But it shouldn’t take you forever!

You need to realize that dating is not a one shot deal to find the better man; often we meet few good people and some interesting ones that could be added to our list of never to meet lists again. It may sound sad or harsh, but that’s life. And we must know how to pick ourselves up after every breakup. If you’re finding it hard to let go of your ex, here are tips to help you move on:

Take Your Past as a Learning Experience

woman lookingAs you are from a broken relationship you might probably say that you are already tired of trying new things and you had a fair share of broken hearts. Let go of that bitterness and fear. Take those experiences as lessons. Think about what might have went wrong, or what you might have done to jeopardize that relationship. Then, keep those lessons with you as you start dating again. As you are entitled for a new beginning, take time to meet new and enjoy the company of others; you’ll never find your better half if you’re just sitting alone in your room wallowing.

List Your Criteria

Girls love to list down things that are necessary, so you should also list down characteristics of what you’re looking for in that someone special. Take as an example the characteristics of your ex, choose the attitude that you love and get rid of those rotten ones. These lists may include the personality, work, appearance, attitude and views of life and relationship. Doing this will help you avoid getting hurt again because dating could sometimes get tricky, you may meet the same type of person as your ex but this one could either be someone better or indeed a total clone (meh!).

Be You and Stay You

woman smiling laughingMoving on and finding a new love doesn’t mean you have to change for good. Well, there may be some aspects of you that you would want to change for the sake of the relationship and it’s alright as long as it doesn’t make you a monster. Remember to be who you are from the very start. It’s not right that once you think you found the right guy you will change who you are. Stay true to who you are, because a relationship built on truth is better than one built in pretense and lies. While it’s true that relationships are subjected to changes, especially on the early stages, it doesn’t mean you have to do a completely 180 when it comes to who you are.

Listen to Your Instincts

What women naturally have is instincts that often save them from danger; so you better listen to your instincts while looking for the man of your dreams. If you find this guy attractive and fit your criteria, don’t jump to any conclusion right away; listen to what your intuition has to say.

Take Your Time

woman in a viewYou came from a past experience that left you shattered in pieces, and we’re certain you don’t want to experience it again, right? if you want to enjoy the life of being single for a while, take dates as a fun experience; don’t be in a rush to find a new love. It’s wise to take your time to heal, to rediscover yourself and figure out if you’re in a good place to be committed with someone new.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to moving on from a relationship, but we do hope these tips help you out. Most of all, keep in mind that instead of finding love from someone new, you can take the time to bask in the greatest love there is – love from one’s self. So date yourself for a while, and when the right man comes, you’ll be your best self yet.

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