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Five Ways To Lose Calories While Simply, Standing

Did you know that sitting is the new smoking? Lately, there has been a lot of articles on the internet about how sitting is terrible for our health. While it is actually quite scary how the mere act of sitting is represented in these articles, there is definitely some truth in it, too. If you have a job that requires you to sit for long hours, then the whole prospect of sitting being an unhealthy practice might make you afraid and even more stressed out.

Instead of letting this little factoid get into your head, why not do something to address the problem? Don’t worry; we’re not going to suggest going to the gym — we all know that’s an overused nugget of advice and not everyone is comfortable exercising in front of other people. So, we are here to tell you how you can stand more often and lose calories, too. Curious? Read on to find out how.

While Waiting

Waiting for the bus or train? At the doctor’s clinic? Don’t take that seat even when you are tempted. The waiting time might be long or short, but do not be discouraged. Remember the more you stand, the more you lose calories, and it is good for your health, too. If you are getting bored while standing, you can always listen to music, read magazines or books, or even talk to someone on the phone. Think of all the places where you usually wait for long hours and the next time you go there, opt to stand instead of sitting down!

While Working

Whether you are at the office or at home, take some time to stand up and work after sitting for a while. These days, our smartwatches or step trackers have a sedentary alert where you can set an alarm — the watch will let you know how long you have been sitting. This works well for those who have desk jobs, sitting down for long hours with your back slouched. When the alarm goes off, you can stand for a while, and do your work. If it is not easy to do that in the office then you can always go for a walk, snoop around in the breakroom to get a snack, or even take some calls as you walk in the corridor.

While Traveling

If your daily commute takes a while, make the most out of it and try not to sit down all the way to your station. Instead of complaining about how tired your feet will be or getting irritated, take it in a positive way and think how much good you are doing to your body after sitting for those long hours in your office. Think of long flights and how we get pins and needles on our feet and legs from sitting long hours in those cramped spaces. Make the most of those flights by walking and standing as much as you can without disturbing others. Even if you are on a road trip, make sure to stop every hour or two and do some stretches, jumping jacks, and squats.

Exercise While Watching TV

This is a great trick that will help you achieve your daily dose of workout without getting bored at all. Watch your favorite shows while standing or exercising. Imagine running on your treadmill or your cycling machine while you watch an episode of Modern Family. In fact, if you have a few basic gym equipment at home, then keep your TV in the same room so that you can always exercise while watching TV. If you don’t want to watch a TV show, why not go for exercise videos on YouTube?Plunges, squats, planks, sit-ups, push-ups, – all you need is a nice yoga mat and lots of will power.

While Talking On The Phone

This is something that we often do unknowingly which actually does much good to our body. Walking or standing while talking on the phone can help you lose plenty of calories. If you talk on the phone often, your body can get a lot of exercise from this. If you use a hands-free set, then you can also do a few stretches!

Now that you know how you can lose calories just by moving around the house or at the office, it will be hard to give an excuse for not exercising. So start right away; it is not enough to know about how a healthy lifestyle is becoming the new religion for many. Take action and do the same for yourself!

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