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Four Full-Body Workout Exercises to Achieve That Fit Body

There are a lot of exercises that are available nowadays that can be simply done with a maximum result. Fitness enthusiasts and specialists promote one way for those who want to achieve a fit body – full-body exercises.

Below are some you can add to your exercise regimen:

Turkish Get-Up

Even if you are not an athlete, Turkish Get-Up benefits all levels of sporting and fitness goals.  By doing this type of exercise one can develop strength, power and can increase overhead strength. It will also give core and shoulder stability with mobility in the lower body.

In this exercise, getting up becomes hard at first but it is rewarding once you have done these 3 to 4 times a day. By doing the Turkish GetUp Exercise, one can achieve that fit body you would want to flaunt.

Execution: To do this, with a dumbbell in your left hand, roll to your back and punch the kettlebell. Use both of your hands to execute the punching. Keep the bell steady and place your left arm while tour left leg out at a 45-degree angle. Repeat this 3 to 10 times on each side.

Swing Squats

This versatile exercise helps athletes build power, work capacity, and fitness. A lot of athletes recognize that the kettlebell swing has a wide application without any need for additional equipment and a larger space. In fact, more and more fitness enthusiasts, strength coaches and athletes alike embrace this kind of full-body exercise because of its usefulness that can actually increase an athlete’s aerobic capacity. The good thing about this exercise, especially if done repetitively, can build and strengthen your cardiovascular aspect.

Execution: In order to do swing squats, hold a kettlebell down with an outstretched arm then drop into a squat position pushing your butt behind you with your back straight while keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor. From that position, stand halfway and begin swinging the kettlebell up in a reverse direction and drop down into a squat position again. Then stand swinging the kettlebell overhead.

Medicine Ball Slams

In this kind of exercise, you don’t really need a bouncy ball. A medicine ball is a weighted ball that can aid in enhancing body workout that is why this ball comes in a variety of weights that you can choose upon which works best and suits you. This ball can help you perform various exercises. When one performs a medicine ball slam, one can develop power, strength, and speed. This exercise targets the triceps, abdomen, shoulders, calves and glutes, back and quads. Medicine ball slams can also increase heartbeat and can burn a significant number of calories.

Execution: To do this, simply pick a medicine ball with a weight that suits you. With the ball, raise it over your head and swing your arms down and slam the ball on the ground as hard as you can. Repeat this 50 to 100 times to the point of complete exhaustion.

Squat-Thrust-Jump aka Burpees

BurpeesThis full-body exercise is by far the most body engaging exercise. Your body will love the effect of it while you will physically hate it. Squat-Thrust-Jump aka Burpees can give you a full-body workout even in a limited time and has a simple basic routine. This is a high-intensity workout that needs a lot of focus. Doing burpees will improve your cardiovascular fitness. It will also test your balance and coordination.

Execution: To do burpees, start with a standing position, squat down with your hands on the grounds and kick your legs behind you and do push up. This is for the basic routine which is best for beginners. When you are in advance level, after doing the push-up, you can swing your arms overhead.

Choosing the best workout routine is necessary not only because we have different strength but we also have different body shapes and weaknesses. Your workout needs to pay attention by considering this factor. consideration. Make sure to choose a workout routine that will work best for your body type, strength and concentrate on the areas you want to work on. And most of all, observe complete caution at all times. It’s not a crime to work hard to achieve a fit body, just make sure you are not putting yourself in harm’s way by doing so.

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