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What are the Health Benefits of Celery Juice?

Celery Juice Challenge

Celery Juice Challenge has become a trend on social media. Author, Anthony William kicked off the trend last year when he threw open the challenge that revolves around people drinking celery juice every single day for one week.

The green juice has since been getting a lot of attention but a lot of people are in doubt as to the actual health benefits of this juice.

According to Erin Palinski-Wade, a registered dietitian, supportive research exists as an indication that the phytochemicals present in celery help to reduce inflammation, blood pressure and also fighting against any form of oxidative stress. Palinski-Wade noted that the nutrients are also present in whole celery.

Celery contains diverse phytochemicals that aid the reduction of inflammation

However, she noted that claims about celery being able to fight diseases like Epstein-Barr virus and other infections are not supported by scientific evidence, adding that most of those claims are based on individual experiences shared by different people online.

A celebrity chef and author, Devin Alexander also agrees with Palinski-Wade. According to Alexander, celery juice is a trend, and it is a very healthy one. However, it isn’t a miracle cure neither is there any scientific fact grounding the claim that it is better than juicing any other vegetable.

He also added that those who claim that they got clearer skin or lost 20 pounds when they changed from other juice drinks to celery juice should review the drinks they were taking before they made the switch.

Content Of Celery Juice

A glass of this juice contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, electrolytes, folate, phosphorus, water, potassium and little quantity of other minerals and vitamins.

A glass of celery juice contains a rich amount of healthy minerals and vitamins

According to JJ Virgin, a celebrity fitness expert, celery juice also contains flavonoids that are health boosters as well as other phytochemicals. However, some of these get lost during juicing when the fiber gets removed.

Effects Of Fiber Removal

Removal of fiber according to Virgin can trigger a faster blood sugar response. She added that it would also mean one would be missing out on the other benefits of fiber. This is true because a lot of foods that have nutrient content in their pulp, peel among other components lose these beneficial nutrients when juicing takes place.

One of the downsides of the juicing process is that it leads to the loss of fiber content

In addition to ensuring the smooth functioning of the digestive system, fiber also helps with triggering weight loss and helps one to feel full. Also, it aids the balancing of the blood sugar level and the maintenance of healthy cholesterol level. Other benefits of fiber include boosting the immune system, reduction of one’s risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

She added that while juice actually contains highly concentrated micronutrients, it also contains highly concentrated sugars. Other downsides of juicing include the period it takes to turn celery into juice form. Also, experts have highlighted that when one eats food as against drinking it, one tends to feel fuller. Alexander also noted that chewing is simply more satisfying for a lot of people.

Benefits Of Celery Juice

According to Palinski-Wade, juice tends to be more convenient for consumption particularly when you make it beforehand or buy already made one. She added that one can ingest a larger portion more rapidly with a lesser volume and that in turn makes consuming a particular food easier. It also gives room for consumption of a higher level of minerals and vitamins.

Also, since fruits and vegetables get broken down during the juicing process, digestion is easier.  Alexander also said when one drinks celery juice or any other whole vegetable juices rather than foods or other drinks with high-calorie content, a person could shed some weight.

Also, celery contains electrolytes and so drinking or eating it would help in staying hydrated.  Palinski-Wade said there is no harm in drinking this juice if one enjoys it. She, however, emphasized that the nutritional content of celery juice is not unique. In essence, you get the same benefits when you eat celery and any other leafy green vegetable. There is no harm in joining the trend if you enjoy it.

Celery also contains electrolytes that help the body stay hydrated

Research reveals that the phytochemical content of celery helps the reduction of inflammation and blood pressure. However, these benefits are present whether you juice your celery or you consume it whole.

However, juicing celery removes the fiber content, and as already noted, it still has a lot of benefits such as aiding the balancing of blood sugar levels, among other benefits.

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