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Love Running? Try Joining These Five Most Scenic Marathons In The World!

When running becomes a part of your lifestyle, you would want to aim for higher and tougher challenges. Marathons are great in that way! They push you and help you aim for bigger goals, and while you realizing your fitness goals, you get to enjoy some amazing scenes. Marathons around the world are held in some of the most scenic places. If you want to fulfill your lust for traveling as well as get your adrenaline pumping, we suggest you have these four marathons in your bucket list. Spread around the globe, these marathons are the best ones we found amid a variety of other marathons held annually around the world.

Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway

Whether you are a marathon runner or just a couch potato like the writer, going to the land of Midnight Sun must be in your bucket list. There are so many reasons to visit Norway. Apart from the Midnight Sun that can be seen from May 20 to June 22, the country offers beautiful fjords, amazing winding roads that take you over the Atlantic Ocean, and finally the magical northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. As for the marathon, you would need to land in Tromso and participate in the Arctic Marathon! To make things even more exciting, the marathon is held at night. Well, when you have the sun at your service 24/7, you can go for it any time, literally! The coastal roads provide breathtaking views of the country.

Great Wall Marathon, China

If the prospect of visiting or exploring a new place gets you excited, imagine how thrilling it would be if you could run along one of the most prominent landmarks in the entire world. The Great Wall of China is one of the great wonders of the world that attract thousands of visitors every year. The marathon that takes place here takes you through quaint Chinese villages, providing a glimpse of the local culture and heritage. The Great Wall comprises a very small part of the race. But it happens to be the most challenging part of it, too. You would need to climb 5164 steps. However, the perks are so high that the ordeal seems little.

Skarkasse 3-Laender Marathon

This is a unique marathon that will take you through three countries — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland — and you will be running along some of the prettiest roads in the world. It starts from the island of Lindau in Germany, goes through the very scenic Austria, and then crosses the border to reach Switzerland’s Bregenz where the race ends. If you love the iconic narrow cobblestone roads of Europe, you should know that you would be running on them if you happen to participate in this marathon. Most of the race happens along the coast of Lake Constance and hence provides picturesque views all the time.

Patagonian International Marathon, Chile

Are you a green-environment crusader and a terrific marathoner as well? Then don’t waste time, and just head to the Patagonian International Marathon to take part in one of the most eco-friendly races in the world. The pristine landscape, turquoise blue waters, and the snowcapped mountains might be a big distraction in case you plan to win this race. The organizers encourage participants to carry their own non-disposable bottles, and as for prize, no medals are given. Instead, trees are planted named after the winners. Isn’t that a beautiful gesture?

Big Sur Marathon, USA


Would you like to run along winding roads with the blue Pacific Ocean as your view? Would like to run through low clouds that come suddenly out of nowhere and then vanish again? Well, the answer must be yes! Close home, the Big Sur Marathon offers running along roads with postcard-esque views. However, only the most confident ones should participate here as it also happens to be one of the most challenging marathons in the world due to its alpine terrain route and strong winds.

If you ask us, we really want to get trained for a marathon just so that we can participate in the ones mentioned above! So which one is your most favorite among the list? Or better still, ditch favoritism and do them all? What do you say?

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