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Why It’s Okay To Make Mistakes (And How To Avoid Repeating Them)

People always say that it is okay to make mistakes, it is what makes us human. Making mistakes is what keep life going, that we wouldn’t actually learn if we don’t make any of them. However, making the same mistake over and over again doesn’t really count, since it is just foolishness and ignorance. Every single person living in this world is responsible for their own actions, but making mistakes is inevitable so how exactly can careless mistakes be avoided? It is impossible from stopping yourself from making mistakes but it is a choice to actually avoid them. So here are a couple of guidelines when it comes to avoiding careless mistakes.


In a recent psychological study, it was discovered that there are actually two ways the human brain actually responds when the person commits a mistake. The first respond is like a wake-up call, a realization where the person would then think and slowly analyzes how and why it happened. 

The second response, however, is the most common response almost half of the human population does, and it is by panicking, shutting the brain off slowly as it thinks of every negative effect, that would actually make the person feel like he or she should just avoid the certain mistake.

People who make the first response are most likely to not repeat the same mistake and might have managed to find a way to get things done the right way next time. However, those people who make the second response are most likely to repeat their mistakes and have the same response over and over again.

To avoid committing the same mistake, analyze what led you to make the said mistake. What exactly did you do? Where did it all go wrong? Have a mini-flashback for you to know why you made that careless mistake. Secondly, own it. Knowing and admitting the fact that you made a mistake will totally make things easier, if you don’t, you will be lying to yourself.


If you can’t handle the fact that you made a careless mistake or if you think it would be best to have someone to talk to or someone who would listen to you. Get in touch to someone you trust, someone who you know wouldn’t judge your mistakes and the wrong decisions you have previously made.

It would help you out if you get in touch with someone who will simply listen and occasionally give you advice. It wouldn’t hurt to let someone know that you have done something wrong, it’s what makes you human. It would depend on what type of mistake did you do. If it has anything to do with work, why not talk to a trusted co-worker, if it has something to do with a certain member of the family, talk to the other members, same goes with friends.


Instead of wasting your time regretting what you did, try organizing your thoughts and be mindful of everything you do or say so that you can avoid making mistakes. Always remember that it is actually okay to make mistakes, so don’t force yourself to be perfect because it might not end up well.

Having a well-organized mind will help you make better choices and will prevent you from making harsh decisions. For instance, you must always think before you say anything because chances are, you might say things that would hurt someone and you can never take it back even if you don’t mean it. Once it’s out, it’s out. Apply the same thing to everything you do, if there is a task at hand, get all the information you need to be able to do it, don’t just do it without knowing what you need or how it is done.


Last but not the least is the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to try again. Be daring to try things even if you have made a mistake about it before. If you trip while running, you shall get up and start running again, but this time, be slowly but surely to make sure you wouldn’t trip again.

Being positive at all times will totally help you out in any situation. Looking at the glass as half-full instead of it being half-empty will change your perspective and will help you make better choices and wise decisions.

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