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Spring Cleaning, Anyone? Time to Organize That Closet!

Spring CleaningIf you have watched the movie Blended, then you are familiar with people who organize closets for a living. If you haven’t, then yes, they exist! Lots of people sign up for their services and to get their closets in place. Why do you think so?

For one, they do have a lot of clothes. Celebrities, politicians, shopaholics, you name it. And secondly, they don’t know how to deal with their mountain of clothes. But for us, ordinary people still appear to be a problem. Most countries have four seasons, and every season has a designated wardrobe. We all know it’s not just because of our love for clothes, but because we need different kinds of clothes to suit different occasions and climates. Nevertheless, whether you have a lot or just a few, you need some sorting to do.

With the spring coming up, most people want to clean up their homes. And that also means taking a look at your closet, letting go of clothes you don’t need, and organizing the ones you do. There are hundreds of ways on how to organize your closet. Discussing all of the methods that exist on earth will probably take a whole book. The process of organization is up to you. But we’re going to share how you can empty your closet to free up some space. It’s going to be a tedious task for hoarders, but trust me, this is for your good!

Plan the Task

Make sure to allot enough time, depending on the size of your closet. For those who have a room full of clothes, you might need a whole day and perhaps an assistant or a friend to help you. Look for at least six big boxes. Again, the number of boxes will depend on how many piles of clothes you have.

Take Out Everything or Do it in Sections

Cleaning up a closetThis would probably be the easiest step. You can choose to take everything out all at once, but if you have so much, you might want to do things slower and empty one section at a time. If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo, then you would probably want your clothes into one big pile. But if that gives you a headache (because a mountain of clothes can be quite scary), work through your closet one section at a time.

Take a Good Look at Your Closet

Looking at your empty closet will give you an idea of how you will organize your clothes when you put them back later on. Set aside a good 10 minutes to create a vision of how your closet would look like. Would you want your clothes to be hung? Do you want everything folded? Where does a certain type of clothing go? Make sure to think about this stuff when taking a look inside your closet.

Sort in Three Categories

Here comes the daunting, stressful, and maybe emotional part of the process. All your clothes will be sorted into three piles, namely OK, Give Away and Store. Allocate boxes for each pile. The OK boxes are for the clothes that you love, and you use them for the time being. The Give-Away pile is for the ones that you need to get rid of. And lastly, the Store pile is for all the seasonal clothes such as sweaters, jumpers, winter jackets. What about the clothes that you don’t want to give, but you can’t use anymore? Well, you can answer that question for yourself. You can continue keeping them for as long as you can, or you can find someone who will love clothes as much as you did.

Clean and Organize

Clean and OrganizeThis is the gist of it all. How’s your pile? If the Give Away pile is the biggest one, then you’re off to a cleaner closet. The additional space doesn’t mean that you can go and shop all you want for more clothes again, though. This means that you should gear up for a more functional closet. Put, you only buy and keep what you need and what can be mixed and matched. With the additional space, you can now apply your preferred organizational style. Sort your clothes according to color or kind. It’s your call. It’s easier now that you have a lot of space.

As far as your give away pile is concerned, you can hold a garage sale for extra income by selling your used clothes that are still in excellent condition or donate the boxes to a charity. Cleaning out your closet is not that intimidating. It may be a little overwhelming at first, but as you toss one piece after another to its designated pile, the task becomes much more comfortable. Happy sorting!

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