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It’s Time to Go Green: The Advantages of Going Green in Your Diet!

Ever heard of green eating? Today, more and more people are embracing this new diet trend. But why should you join the bandwagon? This means eating healthy and in a sustainable way. With the current dilemma on climate change, it’s definitely a great idea not just for your health (and your waistline!), but for the planet too.

There are many advantages in this healthy diet. It may be a bit of a struggle at first, especially if you enjoy eating meat so much, but it’s going to be worth it in the end (think: slimmer waist!).

Look and Feel Young

Green Diet - SkinWho doesn’t want to young? Man has been searching for the fountain of youth since time immemorial. But while it hasn’t been discovered yet, thanks to Science, it’s now possible to look young beyond your years. Unfortunately, it’s only an option for those who can afford to spend big bucks on cosmetic surgeries. But if you don’t have a fat bank account, don’t fret just yet!

Leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K which is essential in making sure you avoid blood clot, prevent premature aging, and other age related conditions. Eating a cup of raw vegetables daily is enough to supplement your body with Vitamin K. So don’t break the bank just yet for that future Botox or face lift. Eat your greens and you’re sure to look (and feel) younger than your real age.

Boost Your Energy

To succeed in every goal we set our heart to, we need to give our 100%. And there’s no better way to do that than by making sure you always have the energy. Glucose is the best energy source but we all worry about gaining weight because we’d think glucose means sugar (so sweet, but so bad!). But glucose isn’t actually bad! It’s what fuels your body to get you going. And we need B Vitamins (which work like magic!) to convert carbs into glucose. A cup of raw escarole can provide you with 1/10 of your daily essentials for Vitamin B5 and since B Vitamins are known to be water soluble (meaning the body doesn’t retain them), you don’t have to worry about having too much!

Say Goodbye to Cholesterol

Do you know that about 32% of the US population is more likely to develop high blood pressure? This condition puts you at risk for heart attack and stroke. Kale and mustard greens are essential in lowering cholesterol. The liver needs bile acids for fat digestion. To achieve this, it uses cholesterol. The fibers from these vegetables bind together with the bile acids which are then eliminated from the body. The liver consumes more cholesterol because of this, which in turn, lowers your cholesterol. If eating them raw isn’t really your favorite, you can steam the kale and mustard greens to better enjoy them.

Avoid Eye Damage

Green Diet - EyesHigh energy light is the usual cause of eye damage. To avoid it, you need foods that are high in zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein. Swiss chard and dandelion are good examples. Eating these reduces discomfort brought by glares, while also decreasing the risk of developing the common eye condition known as cataract. Though glasses and contact lenses can be flattering and can make one look attractive, admit it, nothing beats a 20/20 vision.

Make Your Bones Stronger

Green Diet - Strong BonesWe all know calcium not only improves bone health, it also helps avoid bone diseases like osteoporosis. If your leafy vegetables taste bitter, embrace it because that means it’s high in calcium which is definitely a good thing. Dandelion, Swiss chard, mustard greens and kale are rich in calcium.

Give Love to the Animals

Doesn’t it feel good to get that lick from your dog after a bad day at work? Or what about that sweet purr from your cat when you’re all alone and have no one to talk to? With this diet, you vow your love not just to your furry friends, but to all living animals that deserve their place in this world.

Protect the Planet

Eating meat is one of the leading causes of climate change (which we are now experiencing), and we can help protect the planet through a healthy and sustainable diet. And would you really want this beautiful planet to come to an end?

With these benefits, you should really switch to this diet. Of course, it may take a bit of time getting used to but you can guarantee that your healthy and sustainable decision will pay off in the end.

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