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Be Wary of These Hidden Sources of Sugar When You Are on a Diet

When you are on a diet, you try and avoid sugar as much as possible. However, we fail to spot the hidden sources of sugar that sneakily create a barrier in our weight loss journey! Added sugars are the real devil out there since we eat them unaware of the amount we consume and its impact on us.

So, we have to reduce the amount of sugar we add into our tea, coffee, and other beverages and consciously spot those culprits that lead to a diet-fail. Keep a tab on the sneaky-looking foods which lead to weight gain and loss of our health.


When you think of ketchup, you may think that it only contains tomatoes or maybe some spices, but your thoughts will change if you look at the ingredient list on the bottle. You will be surprised at the amount of sugar and other additives it contains.


Honey is natural, so it should be harmless, right? No, wrong! Once you flip that bottle, you will find the ingredients list has a whole lot of sugar. Even it is organic honey. It can contain a lot of natural sugar. Sometimes the packaged food may have something suspicious as no added sugar; it certainly means it contains some sugar.

Energy Bars

Most people consider energy bars a healthy snack option, but a closer look will reveal that it is not so healthy after all since the delicious-looking bar has a lot of sugar. The high amounts of sugar may cause a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels which is not so great for your health, especially if you consume it regularly.

Canned Fruits and Juices

Most of the canned fruits and juices that we regard as healthy and overeat, thinking they will do a world of good to us, actually do just the opposite. Sugar also acts as a preservative and hence, adds to the shelf life of these products. Most of these juices lose fiber and essential nutrients. They can cause blood sugar spikes, and so you should avoid them as much as possible. Instead, you can eat whole fruits. They contain a whole lot of nutrients which can be beneficial for your health.

Packaged Food

Sugar comes in many forms. Packaged foods contain a whole lot of sugar and salt, which creates havoc on your body. Some of the common foods containing a lot of sugar include cereals, biscuits, chips, and more. For example, high fructose corn syrup is also sugar and can be considered particularly bad for your health. Even instant noodles contain sugar. So, pick up your product and read the ingredient list to know exactly what you are consuming. Even your refined oats and muesli can have a lot of added sugar, and there you have been eating them, thinking you have been doing your health a favor.

Flavored Yogurt

Plain yogurt is a very healthy food as it contains beneficial bacteria which boost immunity and improve your gut health. This also increases the calorific value of the foods. However, we cannot say the same about flavored yogurt, which again contains a lot of sugar, not to mention the extra additives and preservatives that make the food delicious and addictive.


Most of us cannot think of breakfast without bread. However, not all bread is created equal. That healthy-looking brown bread can also contain a lot of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. If you cannot do without your bread, all we can say is bake your bread or know your bread and the exact things that go into it that make it delicious.


You cannot stop at one or two popcorns, can you? And that’s what creates the problem. Most popcorn has a lot of things that can harm your health, including sugar. Popcorn is one of the most processed foods you can find. So, the next time you chew on a tub, remember you have crossed the sugar quota for the day.

If you want to avoid sugar, you have to avoid packaged foods, especially those whose ingredient list reads like malt—honey, dextrose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, and more. We can go on, but we guess you got the drift!

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