Astounding Health Benefits You Can Get From Eating Blackberries


When we think about berries, we often think about those delicious strawberries we love to eat as well as our favorite blueberries which are often used for making cheesecakes. But seldom we think of including blackberries in our diet.

Is this fruit as delicious and nutritious as the others in the berry family? Do fresh blackberries contain more nutritional value than frozen ones? These experts lay out the astounding health benefits if you include blackberries in your diet.

High in Fiber

Eating blackberries help meet your caloric intake for the day.

Eating blackberries help meet your caloric intake for the day.

According to health experts, just by eating one cup of blackberries or 1 1/4 cup of frozen blackberries, it gives you 60 calories with 8 grams of fiber.

This gives you roughly 30% of your required daily calorie intake. All these fibers help keep you full and satiated longer, regulate your blood sugar, lowers your bad cholesterol levels, and also aid in weight loss.

Furthermore, blackberries are prebiotics in nature. It helps feed your friendly bacteria residing in your stomach to promote healthy digestion and boost your immune system.

Rich in Vitamin C

Contrary to popular belief, you can also get vitamin C from fruits that don’t belong in the citrus family. One notable example of that is blueberries. According to health experts, eating 1 cup of fresh blueberries can give you 50% of your required vitamin C intake.

It helps support your immune system and promotes healthy skin due to its potent antioxidants needed for cell repair. It also promotes collagen and serotonin production to uplift your mood and promotes healthy, restful sleep.

Promote Healthy Bones

Aside from drinking milk, you can help nourish your bones by eating a cup of blackberries every day.

Aside from drinking milk, you can help nourish your bones by eating a cup of blackberries every day.

Blackberries provide 30% of your required vitamin K intake. Vitamin K helps your blood to clot which is essential in bone formation.

According to studies, vitamin K deficiency can lead to fractures and even osteoporosis. Blackberries are also rich in manganese which is an essential nutrient to promote bone health, healthy joints, and skin.

Manage Blood Sugar

The good news is that even if blackberries are naturally delicious, it has a low glycemic index of 25. This means blackberries contain less sugar compared to other fruits – which make it a great fruit choice for those people with insulin resistance or diabetes.

Helps Protect Your Brain

The antioxidants found in blackberries help reduce inflammation and boost the neurons on your brain for better communication. This helps improve your memory, motor coordination, as well as your cognitive reasoning.

Improve Your Oral Health

The experts recommend drinking a blackberry extract to have healthy teeth and gums.

The experts recommend drinking some blackberry extract to have healthy teeth and gums.

A 2013 study reveals that blackberries aid in improving your oral health due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The blackberry extract helps prevent cavities and other oral diseases.

Aids in Weight Loss

Blackberries are also a great option to indulge in sweets without worrying about gaining weight or spiking your blood sugar. In fact, most health experts advice adding blackberries as part of your low-carb eating plan.

Incorporating More Blackberries In Your Diet

You can eat blackberries in its raw form or mix it with oatmeal, overnights oats, or yogurt for your breakfast. It also works great with green salads or side dishes. Want to make a delicious dessert instead?

You can make a chocolate avocado pudding and top blackberries on your favorite dessert. You can also make a blackberry smoothie or mash them to make a puree.

Just add a little ginger root and honey to create a sweet and nutritious sauce.Frozen blackberries also work well in making smoothies.

If you want to make a sauce, you can heat your frozen blackberries in low heat and mix grated gingers and maple syrup. You can use it as a condiment in your rolled oats or pancakes along with ground cinnamon or almond butter.