Doctors Gave Her A Year to Live, Her Daughter Gave Her the Strength to Fight Cancer


Kate Malvenan, a 40-year-old British mom kept her terminal illness a secret from her child. Kate was shocked when she received the lung cancer diagnosis in October 2018. She heard from a friend about a clinic in Mexico which offered alternative medicine. She had to remortgage her house to fund the expensive trip which helped her fight cancer. Her exams shocked the doctors after the alternative treatment she received in Mexico. Read on to find out more about this amazing story:

Doctors Gave Her A Year To Live

In October 2018 Kate Malvenan’s world turned upside down after doctors told her that she had lung cancer and has only a year left to live. Kate, who resided in Queensland, Australia, said that she always worked out and ate healthily, and never smoked. She couldn’t understand how she was suddenly so sick and at such a young age. When she first felt a bit tired a few months prior to her cancer diagnosis, she thought it was just because of the new fitness regime she’d been checking out.