This Matthew Perry Therapy-Related Tweet Worried His Fans to the Bone


The legendary television show “Friends” may have wrapped up years ago but it’s pretty clear Matthew Perry, who played the beloved character Chandler Bing, still has fans who care about him.

Proof of this is the wave of concern and support that a vague yet worrying therapy-related tweet got from his fans and Twitter followers.

A Relapse Into Old Ways?

Perry had previously went to rehab for his pill and alcohol addiction in 2001

The tweet that had fans worrying was posted by Perry in early February and mentioned that he just got kicked out of therapy.

Not following it up with an explanation immediately, his more than one million Twitter followers were left to their own devices trying to figure out what might have happened to the actor.

Most thought that the tweet had something to do with his past struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. The 49-year-old actor is believed to be sober since 2001 and has been very open about his past.

He’s previously admitted to abusing opiates and alcohol while he was still shooting “Friends”. He was able to get away with hiding his issues at first though his co-stars were eventually able to catch on.

Fans Show Concern and Support

The sitcom, which revolved around a group of close friends living in New York, ran for 10 years making its cast instant mega celebrities.

Despite being left in the dark, Perry’s fans still showed their support for the actor.

One fan mentioned how Perry’s character in Friends made her laugh and helped her go through rough times and that she’s hoping that the actor can also pull through whatever he’s struggling with.

However, some took the situation more lightly knowing his playful nature.

One fan even tweeted a GIF of Perry as Chandler Bing and joked about how his therapist was probably sick of him already referring to his characters sometimes annoying shenanigans.

Still, most of his fans weren’t sure whether joke about or take the tweet seriously but still sent some words of encouragement to him. 

A Clarification

Good thing, the actor clarified his previous tweet a day after it was first posted.

In his latest tweet, Perry informed his followers that it was only temporary and that he was back in therapy “where he belongs”. The actor hasn’t tweeted anything since.

Although he didn’t share much, his fans still expressed relief that the actor is doing fine and is still on track with his health.

Perry previously admitted how getting sober was really hard for him in interviews before saying that 30 years of addiction can’t be solved or cured in just 28 days.

However, part of what helped him in rehab was seeing other people like him turn their lives around and start doing better.

Having gone through tons of ups and downs in life, the actor once said that after rehab, he became confident that he finally had the knowledge to help an alcoholic stop drinking, too.