The Reason Why Rockstar Adam Levine Loves Practicing Yoga


Rock music and yoga are two things people don’t usually associate with each other. Not surprising, since loud concerts and quiet relaxation are such polar opposite activities. But Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice coach Adam Levine seems to have no trouble reconciling his rockstar lifestyle with his love for yoga.

He expressed his praises and gratitude for the practice in a recent Instagram post where he also shared the positive things it brought into his life.

Deeply Personal

Levine has also shared in interviews that he finds yoga to be the best workout while he’s on tour with his band.

The musician admitted that he was a little hesitant at first about sharing his experience and thoughts on yoga because of how personal and different the practice is for every person. But he’s decided it’s time to finally tell people just how it has profoundly impacted his life in the past years.

According to him, yoga has taught him to continue to strive to be better while still finding contentment and satisfaction about where he is at the moment. And although his practice is still far from perfect, he is excited to improve and looks forward to tagging along for the rest of his yoga journey.

A Remedy for Flexibility Issues and Back Pain

The fit and handsome rockstar first discovered and started practicing yoga way back in the late 2000s.  One of his trainers recommended he work with a yoga instructor to help with his flexibility issues and chronic back pain.

Studies have shown that regularly practicing certain yoga poses helps in mitigating mild and chronic lower back pain.

In the beginning, he was quite skeptical about the practice knowing all the cliches that are associated with it and its practitioners. It also didn’t help that his first class ever made him feel like his body was being ripped apart. He also admits that he isn’t the most flexible person, to begin with.

But while this introduction didn’t go as peaceful as he’d imagined, he was eventually convinced after he continued to work with Los Angeles-based trainer Alanna Zabel and started feeling good after each session. According to Levine, he was able to do the moves more effortlessly after becoming more dedicated to his practice and learned to relax while doing it.

Meanwhile, Levine was also pleasantly surprised how yoga managed to sculpt and transform his body in a way his former weight lifting sessions at the gym weren’t able to.

Passion for the Practice

Yoga is a fantastic exercise for people who constantly travel as it can be practiced anywhere with just a mat and a quiet environment.

Levine’s trainer commends the passionate singer for his consistent enthusiasm and intensity when it comes to yoga.

According to Zabel, he would even videotape some of their yoga sessions so he can continue practicing on his own in hotel rooms every time he travels. He’d sometimes even call in to make sure that he’s doing the moves right. And when he’s home, Levine would often make his own mixes to play for each session which she enjoys as well.

In the end, Zabel describes Levine as a persistent and focused man who lives for yoga.