Shay Mitchell’s Secret to Maintaining Her Killer Shape? A Varied Workout Routine


Most people know 31-year-old actress Shay Mitchell from her roles in the hit television series Pretty Little Liars and You. But off-screen, she’s also managed to garner quite the following in her Youtube and Instagram account where she often posts about her travels and workout routines.

And considering her recent gig as an Adidas endorser, it’s pretty clear that Mitchell is a serious fitness enthusiast even saying that exercising has become a sort of therapy for her.

So, what exactly goes into getting and maintaining a fit physique like Mitchell’s?

Variety is Key

Mitchell has tried many kinds of workouts and physical activities to find those that work for her.

She’s gone through martial arts, aerial fitness and traditional gym classes before settling on her current routine. Her constants include hot yoga, hiking, boxing, cycling, boot camp classes and running which she alternates during the five sessions of working out she does per week.

Aside from aiding in weight loss, boxing also gives women an outlet to let out pent up aggressions and give them more confidence to assert themselves in their everyday lives.

According to the actress, she likes switching things up to confuse her muscles and challenge them with every session. A typical workout week for the busy actress includes a boxing session on a Monday, a spin class for Wednesdays and some kind of interval training on Thursdays.

She particularly likes boxing as it requires her to give her 100% focus on the activity while she prefers spin classes when she’s up for a good sweat.

Not for the Faint-hearted

Aside from keeping her workouts varied, Mitchell also trains hard, almost like an athlete, during the days she exercises.

A quick look at the workout sessions she shares on Instagram will confirm her dedication. In fact, the fit actress even avoids sitting down during her workout hour to keep her heart rate up throughout the session.

Keeping an elevated heart rate during workouts has been proven to improve cardiovascular health and help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Further proof of Mitchell’s athleticism is a video of one of her HIIT sessions posted on Instagram which went viral back in 2017. In the video, she can be seen performing advanced moves with battle ropes and a stability ball which impressed netizens. 

Keeping Fit While Travelling

Being an in-demand actress and social media influencer, Mitchell’s work requires her to constantly jet set from one country to another. But she still makes it a priority to stay active and stick to her routines.

Most women mention gaining weight during their travels or vacations due to a lack of physical activity and an increase in food intake.

When on the road, Mitchell says she prefers working out at hotel gyms where she does a mixture of cardio and weight lifting. And if she can’t find a nearby decent gym, she whips out the jump rope and sliders she always packs with her and improvises a session in her hotel room. She even suggests lifting the heavy furniture in a room in lieu of weights.

She’s also shared one of her go-to workout routines during her stay in Hawaii on her Youtube channel and updates her the followers of her current routines through stories on her Instagram.