How Singer Ciara Finally Learned to Love Exercise and Get Back Her Pre-Baby Body


When singer Ciara gives you fitness advice, you better take notes.

Throughout her 15-year music career, the 33-year-old has always managed to impress her fans with her fabulously athletic figure. But did you know that she wasn’t always so enthusiastic when it came to exercising?

Like other female celebrities in the spotlight, Ciara has always seen exercise as just a way of making her body look good for the cameras.

After giving birth to two kids and finding the perfect trainer, her perspective changed for the better.

Committing to Fitness

Ciara performing in a Janet Jackson tribute concert.

As a young performer, Ciara admitted that she only used exercise to keep certain parts of her body looking good before a big concert or photoshoot. She’d go ham with spot training trying to tone her arms or bulk up her legs a few weeks before these events but never really hit the gym for fun outside of these endeavors.

But all of that changed when she finally decided to fully commit to her health and fitness instead of just her appearance. She finally found a set of trainers and an exercise program that left her feeling good, both physically and mentally.

The Secret to Effective Exercising

Ciara often works out with her footballer husband Russell Carrington Wilson who she married in 2016.

The singer started out her journey by making a daily commitment to exercising though she clarified that this doesn’t mean being in the gym every day. She also emphasized the importance of setting aside rest days to let her body recover.

But on the four days when she’s scheduled to workout, she makes sure to make the best of the time and give it her all. Doing a mixture of exercises from plyometrics to simple cardio to weightlifting, Ciara now feels like she can conquer the world as her strength increases.

She also thanks her trainer Decker Davis, who trains her NFL footballer husband too, for always making her training sessions fun.

Losing the Baby Weight

Ciara has two children, 4-year-old Future Zahir (right) with her former boyfriend, Future, and 2-year-old Sienna with her current husband Russell Carrington Wilson.

After the birth of her second child, Sienna, in 2017, Ciara faced a new challenge when it comes to her fitness. Like most new mothers, the fit singer weighed an extra 55 pounds postpartum. What’s worse, she ended up with a condition called diastasis recti which meant that her abs may never look and feel as tight as they previously were.

But with her newfound positive outlook on fitness and exercising, she saw the challenge as another goal that she can work towards instead of just resenting her new body. In fact, she’s even more motivated when she first started seeing the results of her hard work pay off and believes she’s right on track to getting back her abs.

More impressive is that when asked whether she’s open to having more kids despite the consequences, her answer was a resounding yes. Atta girl.