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Powerful Words That Can Give You Life-Changing Motivation

You need a little bit of motivation to make the necessary changes in life. And life, as we know, will never be constant. Change is ‘instantaneous.’ The moment you decide to change, life will change from then. Remember that life changes for either the better or, the worse. The onus lies on you to decide which way you would let life take its course. The word ‘motivation’ comes from the verb ‘motivate,’ meaning ‘move.’

In simple terms, it implies burning desire, which would propel you to take action. All it takes is courage and a firm desire to decide that life will change. So the biggest motivator in life is YOU. Of course, you need family, friends, and co-workers who would be great motivators around you. But if you don’t have any, rely on these words to inspire you.


Without goals or targets, you can’t think of being motivated or inspired. Self-directed internal goals help you understand the world around you. Most importantly, it helps you gauge yourself, your purpose, priorities, and what beliefs you hold. These goals act as a daily guide that can help you move along in your life.


The path to progress isn’t a smooth one. So even when there are goals that you know you must meet, remember you will constantly battle a lot of challenges to help you assess what and how much you need to work for it. There is something mystical about the challenge, which helps you find the best inside yourself.

What might be challenging to you might not work the same for somebody else or vice versa. Try going to bed fifteen minutes before the normal time for a couple of weeks. This is a simple challenge, and you can start with it if you wish to improve your daily productivity.


Will power of rare individuals who continue putting their best effort, even when situations go out of hand or circumstances become difficult- is what we call determination. Determination implies you are ready to put a ‘stake’ in the ground. There are different ways of building your motivation engine to help you see through dark and tough times. Read self-help books or join a master class that will activate your determination power.


If no one told you this, laughter is important for the soul. Have you seen young children laughing incessantly and adults possibly laughing a few times, or barely? Laughter is unexpected and real. It causes your brain to produce a signal to the lungs that help expel a very burst of air. As a result, the¬†person who laughs makes some noise! It’s more than enough to engage in unbridled laughter that signals joy all around.


Don’t think of time as a simple duration or framework of a few minutes, seconds and hours, or even days. Every day is a great opportunity to harness your potential to the maxim and let the spark come when you have a blank canvas in the art room, especially when options are limitless! Keeping a tab on time and assessing your choices at your disposal is a good way to discipline yourself. The more you tend to narrow down your focus and concentrate on accomplishing only those tasks that increase energy levels, interests and bring meaning and motivation to your life- the better and faster you’ll gain simplicity and peace.

Time Management

Personal time management skills will invariably affect motivation levels and experience in life. A sports psychology expert and a coach to athletes from the Olympics, Dr. JoaAnn Dahlkoetter, has added how the dream, the motivation, comes from inside.

The inner fire and the willingness to achieve all that’s there in mind can only be fruitful if you devote adequate time and energy to what you truly care about. For these and more, you need to undertake some action steps, like clarifying what exactly you need in life or assessing your present schedule or determining what motivates you the most and what drains you, and so on.

Motivation and its psychology are essential to predict the type of mindset we need to make progress in life. And more than extrinsic motivation, the drive must be internal.

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