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How To Deal With Eating Disorders During The Holidays?

The holidays call on a feeling of excitement and positivity of the wonderful times to come for many people. However, we also experience a steep rise in food consumption and social pressure. However, this can be difficult for people trying hard to cope with their eating disorders. Here are some tips to help you deal with eating disorders during the holidays.

Plan In Advance

If you are aware that being around specific foods would be hard for you, there might be some triggering situation. You can work with people on your support team to work on how you would see each stressor. If you are aware that being surrounded by a New Year’s Eve dinner or other year-end dinners would be difficult for you, start working with your nutritionist in advance.

That way, you can understand how to help your body get nourished properly. It is important to know that no food is inherently good or bad. Having this realization is part of the recovery process. It is ideal if you have a plan of action on how to navigate through the fear foods. You can attain this through discussions. It will be prudent to have someone you can call when you encounter such a situation. You can also call on your therapist before attending any event.

Forming A Support System

Keeping at least an individual with whom you can go round would make a great difference in handling your triggers. Think about making a list of family, friends, or other professionals to whom you can reach out when you find yourself indulging in unhealthy habits or some other abnormal managing skills.

The specific helplines and other support services are there if you need assistance to recover from eating disorders. This will help you when you feel like someone there understands whatever challenges you are going through. Sharing would help you in the process and open doors to listen to others.

Creating A Healthy Boundary

It is better to set healthy boundaries with friends and family well in advance for the holiday parties. For instance, if you discuss diet or weight-related topics at such parties, you should know how to redirect the discussion. For this, you may coordinate with your therapist and others to a role-playing session for the same. This is going to give you the confidence to advocate for yourself. One useful trick in such a situation is to ask about the person’s personal life. This, for sure, will derail the diet or weight talk. Also, if you are passionate about your thought, you may present them with some dangers of dieting.

Love Yourself

The very important thing you can take care of during the holiday season is practicing self-care. Self-care should mean allowing yourself and being flexible to perform what you need to do and when. Self-care would help you feel the least triggered and most grounded, and self-care differs from one to another.

When you practice self-care, you start being forgiving and compassionate with yourself. Gift yourself the beauty of grace, discard all negative thoughts, concentrate on connecting back with all. You will start to rediscover the activities you enjoyed in the past.

Switch Your Focus

After all, it’s the holiday season! You may reflect on the importance of holidays in your life. One other option is to reminisce and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Plan activities through which you can spend your time and attention. Journaling may be a good option. Talk to the support team in this regard. One most commonly suggested way to implement this is to start and end your day with gratitude. You may start a gratitude journal and record five items about which you are most grateful. The most important thing would be to reach out to people who want to see you succeed.

The holiday season is not necessarily a minefield. With proper planning and the involvement of your support team, you will make a remarkable recovery and be on track. Be soft with yourself while you negotiate with your emotional setbacks and challenges. You are super strong for continuing the process and brave to face all the obstacles and fears. And you will soon embrace the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamt of!

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