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Brooke Shields Is Defying Aging by Reshaping Her Body and It’s Not Because of Plastic Surgery

Brooke Shields is one of the most memorable names and faces that came out of the 80s. Who could forget her now-iconic Calvin Klein ad which made teen girls everywhere want a pair of designer jeans?

Since then, the world has seen Shields blossom into the woman that she is today. And at age 53, she still manages to be as charming as she was in her youth. But how does she do it?

A Lot of Hard Work

Shields first broke out in the industry at the age of 12 and would, later on, become an in-demand model and teen actress

Well, it takes a lot of work and it’s all thanks to the brunette’s ‘no-nonsense attitude’ approach to aging.

In a recent interview, Shields said that it’s important to both be able to accept aging as inevitable while still working hard to improve oneself. For example, the actress reports that she feels and looks her best self when she gets to work out hard, get enough sleep, and drink lots of water while putting a hold on alcohol.

What more, the actress said that getting older actually brought her some sense of contentment. While she enjoyed being 25, Shields would not want to go back because she feels more relaxed in her own skin and life now. In fact, she feels good about all areas of her life at the moment.

But she has one secret though. Aside from following a very healthy diet and strict exercise routine, Shields admits to getting a little boost from a procedure called SculpSure.

Aging and Fitness

Shields diet consists of lots of leafy greens with an occasional indulgence, usually chocolate

SculpSure is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure where stubborn fat cells are targeted and damaged using a targeted laser. After each session, fat cells are then naturally processed and eliminated by the body.

According to Shields, the procedure was able to help her lose fat in areas she finds it impossible to shred weight from. Before discovering the new method, the actress said that she got frustrated with some difficult to target fat spots which didn’t disappear no matter how much weight she loses.

Shields’ newfound fitness booster has been approved by the FDA to help people reduce fat in areas like the belly, hips, under the chin, thighs and back. According to the company that promotes it, people can expect to see results in fat reduction is as fast as six weeks.

Older people often have more trouble with losing weight because their metabolism has become considerably slowed down with age.

On Plastic Surgery

Shields with her 13-year-old daughter, Grier Hammond Henchy. She has another older daughter Rowan Francis, who’s 15

While the mother of two is all for non-invasive procedures, she remains hesitant to go the plastic surgery route at the moment. She has seen the positive effects of it though after her mother Teri got a facelift while in her 40s. According to Shields, the surgery made her mom look closer to 50 than her actual age of 70 because of it.

The former model now has two daughters of her own with husband Chris Henchy.

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