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The Do’s & Don’ts of Fruit Eating: Know These Seven Rules

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s gift to us. They provide us with some of the best nutrients our body needs. However, experts believe there are a few rules regarding eating food. If we follow them, our body will reap numerous benefits. In fact, how we eat fruits makes a whole lot of difference to how beneficial it is for our body. If you have been eating fruits without knowing these rules, you might have been doing it all wrong. Hence, read on to know what is the right method to eat fruits and get the most out of their nutritional benefits.

Do Not Eat Fruits Right After Having A Meal

Many of us love eating fruits after a big meal. While it is not a bad practice, you need to keep a gap of at least 30 minutes before you move on to fruits. After having a big meal, our body gets busy in digesting it, and all the digestive juices start flowing. If we eat fruits at that time, the whole process of digestion gets interrupted. This can lead to severe acidity, heartburn, or indigestion. Often, we don’t realize why we have acidity despite not having spicy food. Eating fruits right after a meal might be the reason. It happens because the acid in fruits react with the food and leads to fermentation.

Packed Juices Are Not Healthy

By now, if you are a bit aware, you might already know that packed juices are not great for the body as they are heavily processed. Hence, the benefits of the real fruit are lost. Also, canned juices are packed with refined sugar, and that makes them quite unhealthy for consumption. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives do us more harm than good. Also, when you consume an entire fruit, you eat all parts of it including the fibrous part which is very important for our body.

Add Fruits To Your Breakfast

Most fruits are great for an empty stomach except citrus. Hence, nutritionists often advice to have fruit right after waking up. Bananas, pears, peaches, and apples are some of the best choices. Apples are perfect for having in the mornings since it is packed with the goodness of pectin which keeps our intestines healthy and happy. If having a fruit right after waking up is not suitable for you, try to add fruit to your breakfast table and not a glass of fruit juice. However, people with acidity issues and ulcers might not find it convenient to have fruit in an empty stomach.

Eat Fruits Before Meals Or Snacks

Eating fruits before meals or snacks is a much better option than having them afterward. Not only is it good for the stomach, but it also helps you to stay away from binge eating and eat less of the meal or snacks that you were planning to have since your stomach is already full. Hence, those who want to lose weight, have your fruits before your meals. Moreover, if you are hungry, nibble on fruits instead of snacks.

Don’t Mix Less Sweet Fruits With Milk

Often, we combine fruits and milk. But we have to be very careful while doing that since fruits are acidic in nature. If it is not too sweet, it can curdle the milk and having it along with fruits might wreak havoc in your stomach. Hence, berries and milk are a big no-no. Though banana is sweet, mixing it with milk can be quite stressful for your gut, and over a period of time, your gut health might suffer.

Don’t Mix Fruits And Vegetables

Combining fruits and vegetables is not a great idea. Though we almost always write or talk about them together, they are actually not a good combination. We usually eat fruits raw while vegetables are often cooked which means each of them requires a different set of time for digestion. Hence, having them together is not recommended.

Eat Sweet Fruits In Moderation

Fruits like pomegranate, mangoes, watermelon, grapes, figs, and lychees have high sugar content. Hence, having these fruits in moderation is recommended especially for those with high blood sugar as it can spike the sugar level in blood. Also, fruits like grapes of pomegranates look less in amount and hence we tend to have them in large quantities without realizing that it might not be good for our gut health.

We should always remember that eating food the right way helps us lose weight, stay in better health, and avoid digestion issues. If you love your fruits but have been facing stomach-related issues, one of the aforementioned facts might be the reason. Change your fruit-eating habits and see the difference!

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