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Essential Carbohydrates Keto Dieters Are Missing On

The new year may have just started, but people’s desire to stick with a keto diet still continues. A ketogenic diet is a medical diet that was first introduced sometime around the 1920’s. It was used as a way of treating patients who had drug-resistant epilepsy. However, the diet which primarily comprises of low carbohydrate and high fat is now majorly used as a weight loss diet.

Keto meals usually contain 70 percent to 80 percent fat, about 20 percent protein and about 5 percent carbohydrate. In essence, what people consider to be good or bad carbs are not a part of a keto diet. According to a nutritionist, Carolyn Brown, grains, fruit, lentils, sweeteners, smoothies, sodas, beans, root vegetables such as parsnips and baked goods are reduced.

A decision to limit your consumption of refined carbs such as baked goods and white bread is always a good idea. However, a restriction on the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as those found in veggies, fruits, and whole grains can cause you to deprive yourself on essential minerals and vitamins. There are some foods that are rich in carbohydrates but also delivers health benefits. However, because these foods are not keto friendly keto dieters avoid them.
They include:


According to Brown, whatever diet you adopt, you should ensure that you include vegetables as a part. Apart from the ability of veggies to reduce chronic disease risk, they also provide phytonutrients, fiber and also keeps one satiated.
For instance, carrots have high carbohydrate content and in a certain proportion, it may make up about 10 percent of the carbohydrate you can consume as a part of your keto diet daily.

As a result, keto eaters tend to stay away from carrots. Carrot also has beta carotene which is vitamin A antioxidant precursor that helps in promoting eye health as well as skin health. In addition, it is also important for a good immune function. Carrot has beta carotene which is vitamin A antioxidant precursor that helps in promoting eye health as well as skin health.


People who stick to a keto diet tend to regard fruit in that same way most people regard candy; as a treat that shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis. Those on a ketogenic diet still give room for fruits that are low-glycemic such as berries, however, they expressly shun those with high glycemic indexes. For that reason, a banana that contains about 27 grams of carbs can never find its way to their diet.

While it isn’t wrong that those who are diabetic stay off starchy fruit, staying off bananas just because it contains a high level of carbs is not necessary for everybody particularly considering that they provide fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium. Also, bananas can serve as probiotics (food that helps good bacteria found in the human gut).


Brown noted that cutting out carbohydrates can lead to low energy, hunger, low blood sugar, exhaustion, and moodiness. In situations where people choose to cut out carbohydrates, in the long run, adding the carbs back causes them to regain lost weight and even some more. Brown thus stated that consuming carbohydrates is more about selecting the appropriate ones and checking the quantity you consume.

Oats contain14 grams of carbs for each half-cup you consume and keto eaters do not want that level of carbs in their system. However, oats is not empty carbohydrates as it contains soluble fiber which is important in the maintenance of heart health and also the lowering of cholesterol levels. Also, oats contain proteins and other important minerals such as folate, magnesium, and iron. Oats contain soluble fiber which is important in the maintenance of heart health and also the lowering of cholesterol level.


Depending on how much lentils you consume, you might find out that you have exceeded the level of carbs allowed to be part of your daily keto diet in just one sitting.

In essence, there is no place for whole grains, fruits, dairy or veggies whenever you want to take another meal that day. For that reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of keto dieters avoid pulses.

However, lentils are not as harmful as keto dieters believe. Only a serving of cooked lentils adequately contains fiber (15 grams), protein (18 grams) and minerals such as zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and copper.

It doesn’t contain saturated fat and that makes lentils a great nutritional powerhouse which is plant-based.Lentils contains minerals such as zinc,manganese, phosphorus and copper.

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