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Here’s How You Can Fight Off Body Odor and Say Hello To Confidence!

Body odor is something that most people struggle to control, and it is a very natural occurrence. When we are all children, our body isn’t producing the necessary hormones to produce any foul bodily odor, but once we hit puberty, these hormones, called androgens, are excreted by the body and cause body odor to become an issue for some people. Here’s how you can control your body odor and prevent any humiliating situations from happening ever again!

Beat Odour at Bedtime

Many people apply antiperspirant after their morning shower before they throw on their clothes and walk out the door to start their busy day. Unfortunately, this is a habit that has formed over time and people are actually unaware that that isn’t the most effective way to use antiperspirant roll-on! You may be shocked to find out that you have been applying roll-on wrong all your life long! Roll-on is actually supposed to be applied for periods when you are not sweating, which is at night. Applying it at bedtime leaves plenty of hours for the product to work during the time that you are not sweating. Applying after your morning shower just leads to your sweat washing off the product from your skin and onto your clothing.

Know the Difference

There is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Deodorants are products that simply offer what is in their name – deodorizing power. They simply smell good, but they do not help to reduce the amount you sweat. If you are looking for a product that reduces the amount you sweat, then you need to find an antiperspirant, which actually contains chemical ingredients that help o reduce perspiration. Many antiperspirants are deodorized, helping to both reduce sweat and combat any odor. Check the label of the product that you use in order to know whether it is a deodorized antiperspirant or just a deodorant!

Killing The Cause

Bacteria love warm and moist areas, and that is why your armpits are actually a breeding ground for bacteria The odor that forms when your sweat is actually because of this bacteria. Naturally, logic tells us that reducing the bacteria will reduce the chances of you producing body odor. This means ether keeping yourself dry since bacteria can’t really breed in dry areas, or by applying a solution that kills off the bacteria. A hydrogen peroxide and water solution is an effective solution to fight off bodily odor because it destroys some of the odor-causing bacteria. One teaspoon of a 3% peroxide solution diluted in one cup of water is all you need. Apply with either a cotton swab or a cloth of some kind. Another way of reducing the bacteria on your body is to remove any hair in the area you are experiencing odor from, like the armpits or groin area, for example. Bacteria tend to be more active in areas where there is more hair growth.

Diet Matters

What you eat certainly does have an impact on what your body smells like, and eating foods that have strong odors generally translates into strong smelling body odor. Foods like fenugreek, garlic, curry, onions, and other strong-smelling foods have compounds in them that affect the way your body smells. The smells of the items seep through your pores, causing unwanted body odor. However, it must be mentioned that before you make any big changes to your diet, it really is best to consult with your doctor!

Get A Diagnosis

If you are concerned that your sweating or body odor may be more than what is normal, or excessive, it may be best for you to visit a professional to determine whether or not there is an underlying health condition that may be resulting in the excess perspiration. You will be prescribed treatment for any conditions that you are diagnosed with, if any at all, which should reduce your perspiration and subsequently the body odor related to it. A condition called hyperhidrosis does exist, which s a condition of excessive sweating. There are also treatments available to treat this, which you can ask your doctor to discuss with you so that you can weigh the pros and cons and determine whether there is a solution that you are happy with.

There’s no reason to avoid the gym, or keep yourself from enjoying sports or generally active life, from the fear of body odor! Try out these ways to keep odor in check so that you can live life freely and confidently!


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