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Here’s Why Madonna’s Portugal Home Gym is Decked Out With Rainbow Ropes

Madonna’s always been known as an avid fitness buff. Proof of this is her success in maintaining her fit body throughout her long career as a pop superstar.

Although she’s always been open about her workout routines in her interviews, her recent Instagram video post showing her twin daughters dancing in what appears to be a home gym sparked the interest of her more than 13 million followers.

The video offered fans a rare glimpse into her new mansion home in Lisbon, Portugal but they can’t help but focus on one seemingly strange thing: the set of rainbow-colored ropes that are hanging wall to wall.

Whatever could they be for? Let’s find out.

A Unique Workout Routine

Speculations lead to previous interviews of the artist’s former longtime trainer Nicole Winhoffer who has often dished out on her client’s workout and fitness routines.

Winhoffer has been previously quoted to saying that Madonna often does butt-enhancing exercises which involve the 60-year-old musician hanging and dangling from the ceiling via ropes and even on ballet bars.

Thus, people believe that the colorful sets of ropes, which run the length of the gym room, are tools for one of Madonna’s unique workouts to keep her figure in top shape.

Meanwhile, her other personal trainer Craig Smith mentioned that his client, who works out about five to six times a week, does a mixture of Pilates, yoga and cardio dance workouts. Although Pilates typically requires other types of machines, it also involves moves which use ropes and requires the person to hang from the ceiling.

Harder Is Better

Madonna named her company after her 2008 album “Hard Candy”.

Making a serious commitment to her own fitness, it’s no wonder that Madonna has been successful in her business venture into the fitness world.

She founded Hard Candy Fitness, a chain of fitness centers, in 2010 together with her manager Guy Oseary. The chain has “fitness clubs” in various cities all over the world like Moscow, Rome, Sydney and Mexico City. It uses the phrase “Harder is Better” as its motto.

Her fitness empire also includes a workout DVD series called “Addicted to Sweat” done in collaboration with her trainer Winhoffer back in 2012.

The Lisbon Mansion

The 16,146 square feet mini palace is believed to be the former honeymoon place of Portuguese royalty.

Madonna’s talked about home gym is located in her 18th century Moorish mansion in Lisbon which she moved into hastily in 2017 after paying €7.5 million (estimated $5 million when converted) for it.

The gym is decorated with floor to ceiling wall mirrors and finished with dark hardwood floors making it ideal for Madonna and her kids’ favorite workout which is dancing. Its marble-carved mantelpiece turned into a storage for various weights and exercise balls. Meanwhile, the talked about rainbow ropes hang taut midway at the room’s walls.

Unfortunately, the singer has kept the rest of her luxurious home interiors private only giving fans small glimpses through selfies and snapshots of it.

Here’s to hoping to see more of the mansion and finally find out how Madonna actually uses her rainbow ropes.

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